Save Our Soaps Facebook Group’s Comey Day Tasks

James Comey’s Senate testimony could have preempted some General Hospital.

Our friends at our favorite Save Our Soaps Facebook group have done it again–provided us and you with all you need to act to save the soap genre on this day of James Comey’s testimony preemptions.

Take a Hike, Preemptions!

We at Soap Cities have written previous that preemptions in the Trump era run the risk of pulling an “OJ Trial” on our few, beloved, remaining soaps. Preempting our soaps in favor of the endless, lurid OJ Simpson trial caused many soap fans to tune out and never tune back in, tanking daytime drama ratings, and encouraging networks to axe soaps, after all.

We don’t want it to happen again. We can always count on our friends at Facebook group Save AMC and OLTL (SAO) to find out all the relevant information and provide easy access to contacts to act to preserve the soap genre.

Editor’s Note: “We have warned you all and now soap publications and entities everywhere are trying to get the word out- this is most probably the tip of the iceberg,” says SAO’s post below. 

Well, we talked about before, so keep reading us, SAO!

Task It, Soap Fans!

Here’s what SAO suggests.

The following is a direct quote. That means the folks at SAO not only COMPILED ALL THE INFO BUT WROTE THE WORDS BELOW.

“ABC is preempting daytime today for Comey’s testimony. We have warned you all and now soap publications and entities everywhere are trying to get the word out- this is most probably the tip of the iceberg. It could easily result in preemptions that span months should this escalate to an impeachment proceeding. That could spell disaster for GH (and the other soaps) along with crippling our efforts for AMC and OLTL. Here’s what we need you all to do:

1. Don’t watch Comey’s testimony on ABC. It would be best to watch it on a news channel. We need ABC to see that this is not ratings gold for them. If you DVR’d GH and it does get preempted just delete it without pushing play. This will keep them from getting any ratings data from your cable company/Tivo.

2. Call and email (we need their phones ringing off the hook):
James Goldston, President of ABC News
Phone: 212-456-1227

Ben Sherwood, President of ABC Television (former Pres of ABC News)
Phone: 818-460-6200

3. Fill out a Feedback Form for GH and request that there be no more preemptions.

4. Call 818-460-7477 for ABC network press 1, then press 2 to leave a 30 second message. Leave a message for General Hospital stating that you want the preemptions to end.

5. If you tweet please send this easy tweet as we need Nathan talking about our shows on this blogtalk show: @daytime6976 @nathanvarni we want to know WHEN #AMC & #OLTL will be rebooted. scooping up the crumbs on #GH but we want more. <<CLICK HERE”

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