Say It Ain’t So! Rebecca Budig Set to Leave General Hospital?

Rebecca Budig, who plays Hayden Barnes on General Hospital.

We know many of you GH fans out there will be seriously bummed by the possibility of a Rebecca Budig departure from the show, just as we at Soap Cities are.

Hey, Wait Up, Hayden!

Budig is set to wrap up her two-year stint as the con-artist-turned-upstanding citizen with a secret past, Port Charles’ Hayden Barnes, according to Soap Central citing unnamed sources.

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Budig is right in the middle of what we’d say are two big storylines: her romance with recovering-addict, Finn and her first-time pregnancy.

Of course, any storyline can be cut short to coincide with an actor’s departure, but we’re hoping we’ll have the radiant, captivating Budig on our screens for at least a little while longer.

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A Daytime Pro

Budig began her daytime career on Guiding Light as Michelle Bauer in 1995. Four years later, she took on the role that made her a daytime legend, Greenlee Smythe on All My Children. She and Josh Duhamel were supercouple Greenleo (Greenlee and Leo) on AMC.

We think Budig’s Hayden has a lot of Port Charles potential. She is Elizabeth’s sister, after all, and Jeff Webber’s daughter, connecting her to a fave GH family and making her a legacy character. And Finnden (Finn and Hayden) has lots of fans in the show’s fan community. We can always hope for a last-minute decision for Budig to remain on the ABC sudser, or even return one day!

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However, Ron Carlivati, if you’re reading this: write a fabulous character and storyline for Budig over at Days of Our Lives and hire her there

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