Read a Lovely Farewell Message From Arianne Zucker as She Departs Days

Arianne Zucker, Nicole Walker on Days of Our Lives.

Days of Our Lives fan fave Arianne Zucker took to her personal blog to share a farewell message with her many fans as she leaves Salem.

Dream Big!

Zucker said she tapes her last scenes on Days. But she doesn’t think of it as an end. Really, it’s a beginning, she said, a chance to get to see what her next chapter holds.

“I will be taping my last few episodes at Days of Our Lives next week and then my adventure really begins. I am excited to see what kind of light shines my way,” Zucker wrote.

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Whole Lotta Lovin’

She also said she loves all her fans! To show how much she loves us all, she quoted something she and her daughter say to each other often.

“I love you all the way to the moon, around Pluto, back zipping past the sun, all the way around the earth, TWICE and shooting right back to your heart,” the actress wrote.

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The Road Ahead

We don’t know exactly how Nicole’s story will end (for now). But Soap Hub talked to her real-life partner Shawn Christian, who said he may show up to council her–in a dream or fantasy state, not back from the dead.

“He might make a return appearance, Christian did say it’s possible someone shows up to give Nicole advice when she has a big decision to make. We wonder what that decision could be..,” wrote Soap Hub.

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  1. Nicole is amazing actress especially on Days..I’ve been watching days for 40 years and I’m going to miss her tremendously..but good luck in what u want to do in the future…Gonna miss you Nicole..its not going to be the same without you on days…

    • I feel the same way. I have been watching over 35 years myself and have been a faithful fan . I have to blame the old writers for all the destruction of DOOL. Losing Arianne is another big blow . Id really like to think ya all would do what ya have to do to keep her on the show. Days has lost too many main characters that have held your ratings up. Look at the ratings now. Im glad there are new writers, and Thank You for allowing Nicole to get Holly back. 1st time the character finally got a good outcome. I do hope the best for Days.

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