Heather Tom on All the Katie Kray Kray and More!

Heather Tom as Katie Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Heather Tom dished on Katie’s current wild antics–and a possible new romance for her down the road.

Krazy Katie!

The whole Katie/Quinn mess culminates in quite a jolt for fans on June 9th. Tom gave Michael Logan at TV Insider the lowdown on everything from her thoughts on this sticky situation to what the future for her character might hold.

Diehard The Bold and the Beautiful fans will recall that on the June 5th episode, Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) found herself on the other end of Katie’s gun. It seems that our Katie didn’t take too well to being fired as a jewelry designer at Forrester Creations.

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“Losing her job triggers a lot, no pun intended,” said Tom. “Katie loses her mind when she gets fired. She’s like, ‘You can’t possibly be doing this!'” Unbeknownst to Katie, the directive to oust her came from Eric (John McCook). However, Katie solely blames Quinn, and she also is clueless that jewelry designing is not exactly her forte!

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Ulterior Motives

It was convenient for Katie to be perched at Forrester Creations when it came to Quinn and her romance with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). “She definitely wants to keep an eye on those two,” said Tom. “Katie is never one with the power but she sure has it in this situation and there’s something very intoxicating about that.” Threatening Quinn with the gun was only the beginning. Katie then acquires a telescope for her arsenal to keep a clandestine eye on her!

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What the Future Holds

What will be the outcome of all this chaos? “Katie tries to be a good person who plays by the rules but she loses every single time,” lamented Tom. “Worse yet, she’s surrounded by people who do terrible things, and Quinn epitomizes that!”

Tom said Katie has been trying to find her purpose in life, on top of being a mom, which is her number one priority. Being fired is a big blow. Well, when you put it that way…Hey, no! It’s never OK to shoot someone. But we were almost convinced by Tom’s argument, weren’t you, dear Soap Cities readers?

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Could there be a Katie/Eric pairing in the cards when the dust settles, and when Quinn and Ridge’s dalliance is laid bare? “Maybe that’s down the road, we’ll see,” Tom speculated.

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