GH Steve Burton Poll–Happy, Mad, or Don’t Care?

Steve Burton as Jason Morgan and…well, himself!

As we previously reported: It’s official, dear Soap Cities readers, Steve Burton is coming back to Port Charles.

Ooh, Baby!

After a tantalizing tease by ABC programming executive Nathan Varni, General Hospital announced Steve Burton’s return in a breathless promo.

The promo was almost as terse as Steve Burton’s Jason Morgan. Fans who caught GH live today saw a five-second, if-you-blink-you-miss-it, teaser promo.

The promo stated simply, in bold letters: “STEVE BURTON RETURNS TO GH…STAY TUNED.” An image of Burton’s handsome mug followed these stunning words. And the promo was over, leaving us Steve Burton fans, panting for more.

The Comeback King

Our friend Jamey Giddens, the trusted soap source at Daytime Confidential, hinted at a GH comeback that would rock the soap world.

Boy, was he right!

Before Giddens officially announced it himself on his site, Michael Logan of TV Insider couldn’t help himself and revealed that the comeback in question was that of Steve Burton.

The Million Dollar Question/s

But who will Burton play? Today’s mysterious promo didn’t say it would be Jason Morgan. That role is being played by new GH fan fave Billy Miller. So what can we expect next? A Tale of Two Jasons?!

Also, how long will Burton be staying on the show.

Social Media Wars

So what about those fanbase wars Giddens mentioned?! Besides the fan bases for both actors, there’s Jasam 1.0 and 2.0, in addition to Liason (Elizabeth and Jason) fans. And what will Burton’s return do to the emerging supercouple that is Friz?

It’s too early to tell now, readers, but we will let you know as soon as we know!

Take a gander of these images fans created and shared on Twitter.

How do you feel about Steve Burton returning to General Hospital?

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  1. I prefer Billy Miller’s version of Jason. To be honest, I never missed Steve Burton. I think that he did a good job as Dylan. It was good to see him be a human rather than Robostare stone cold.
    Since it is a done deal, I hope and pray that he is Jason’s twin and not stonecold.

    • Steve should be Jason’s twin brother, since Jason did indeed have one. I think it will be soooo amazing to find out what Helleana did to these boys. And to have Jason Morgan back, is over the Altima ! The excitement back, Sonny’s right hand man ! As it was….

    • Yes, I don’t want him back as Jason, Billy Miller is wonderful in the role, but in Sam’s mind, it’d be ok for S.B to show up. That would be interesting, but we don’t want to lose Billy.

    • I prefer billy miller too if steve burton returns permately and billy leaves i will stop watching gh for good i never liked steve burton in anything i think his ego is outta control and billy is a grwat actor and so handsome too i have been watching gh for over 40 yrs i will not watch if steve is returning thats how much i can’t stand him terrible actor boring

      • I agree 100 percent.. I love Billy Miller as Jason and I don’t need Burton back.. Never did like him and now especially if he comes back and boots Billy out. I will be done!

      • I agree. I don’t give a hoot if SB comes back or not but not as Jason as if he does I am done.. He didn’t want the job so he quit and now he is wanting or needing to come back.. Yeah let him come back but as someone else NOT JASON.

    • I agree so hearfully.. As long as they keep Billy as Jason. Unless this is Bolts choice. Maybe these are his terms.? We don’t know? He may not like working with Kelly, we don’t know, just saying, 😅😅. Buti felt Jason had his reasons for leaving, NoFoul, No Split Ends..😅

  2. I do NOT want Steve Burton back, no matter who he plays.

    It would take some pretty fabulous writers to write a storyline that would make this return work…in any way, shape or form…and those writers do NOT exist on General Hospital.

    I predict this will be a disaster, but IF by some fluke it isn’t, I’ll be the first in line to say I was wrong.

    BUT I’M NOT! 😂

  3. Well I can’t even vote, because – I don’t know! I am both happy and mad, and then part of me is kind of ‘I don’t care’.

  4. I’m beyond happy that Steve Burton is coming back. He should be Jason Morgan because that is his role and he’s played it for 21 years. And you can’t erase 21 years of history. I miss the chemistry that he has with Maurice Bernard, Kelly Monaco. They should’ve never recasted the role in the first place. I’m an original Jason Morgan fan so I’ve never excepted Billy as Jason Morgan. He is in playing the character build of Jason Morgan and has it from the beginning. So I’ve been waiting since 2012 for this to happen so I’m a happy happy camper. I can’t wait for his first day on General Hospital. Bring on original Jasam. I also miss the cast chemistry, ever since Billy’s been on it is been disjointed. Nothing has followed since Billy joined us Jason Morgan. The writers is never impressed me with anything with Billy.

    • Steve burton is the reason hayden
      (rebecca Budig ) and a few others are being fired to free up money for mr. Big ego steve burton who stinks at acting …..billy is a way better actor and so hot looking and i will miss rebecca budig love her great actress steve will sink gh in ratings to be cancelled because as i saw the commercial promo other day of the annoucement of his return i am sure i will not be watching gh after 40. Plus yrs of watching thats how much i detest steve burton acting & his boring looks

    • Teresa Hedgespeth

      You’re absolutely right, Courtney!! Only one Jason Morgan in the world of soaps and it’s Steve Burton!! He created Jason and only he can truly be Jason in my book!! Please bring our real Jason Morgan back!! Can’t wait to see that handsome man walk back through the door into Sam’s arms in his black leather jacket!! Bring on Steve Burton, please and thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Well I have been watching since 1963 and I was mad when SB left but he can’t hold a candle to Billy Miller when it comes to playing Jason.. I do not want him back and if he does become Jason again I am done.. I won’t ever watch the show again.. I hate that they fired some of my favorites to get him back. I hate hate hate that.

      • I agree I think it’s totally unfair to take the part away from Billy. Steve made the decision to leave so let him be the twin. He doesn’t deserve to just walk in & say ok I’m back get rid of the other Jason. Billy has done much better job of making Jason humanized. Not the robot we were used to. I’ve watched GH for all of its 55 seasons, so you know I’m up in the years. I think I will give up watching if they choose Steve over Billy for Jason’s role. This is from a fan that was upset when Steve left but Billy made the role his own & doing a great job with it, better than original. KEEP BILLY

        • I’ve been watching sense 1979-if they make Steve Burton Jason again,after he left and went to Y&R,I will stop watching!!!! Everyone is turning their backs on Jason (Billy)-especially Robin!!!!!! I expected it out of Sonny and Carly-they just wanted their little playtoy back-but Robin? Another thing that sticks out like a sore thumb on this P 6-he’s going to Thanksgiving with Sonny and Carly!!!!! Jason Morgan NEVER went to Thanksgiving dinner-one time he did at the Quartermaines,and turned the entire table of food over!!!!! “Jake Doe” went to the Quartermaines in 2014,but he didn’t know he was Jason then!!!!

  5. Nelly Velazquez

    This is the real Jason put billy as a clone for Helena billy is ok not like steve burton stone cold only he plays the part awesome

  6. Steve walk away from GH 5 years ago on his own terms. Billy Miller is doing a fantastic job at playing Jason. Steve had his his turn. He needs to play A.J. are another new character.

  7. If he is coming back as Jason, I’m hoping that this is a flashback or a fantasy — not a one-off of the Todd/Victor Lord. Jr. story from OLTL. If he’s another Quartermaine character altogether, great. Billy Miller is doing a FANTASTIC job as Jason, I don’t want Burton to return to the role.

  8. Really stopped watching after SB left GH. I have nothing against the new Jason, he just wasn’t the real Jason for me. It is the stone cold with a heart of gold person, who would do anything for the ones he loves that I missed.

  9. Not happy at all. This is going to backfire big time. He better not come back as Jason Morgan, Billy Miller now owns that role.

  10. Heather Roberts

    I’m beyond happy. Just curious who he’s going to be?? I want the real jason back but where does that leave Sam?? I also like Billy Miller I don’t want to see him go and how could they let Sam have a baby if they are going to bring the real Jason back??? Will they bring him back as a different character??? That would be so weird. This is the reason I hate recast I always feel like the original actor end up coming back. This should be interesting!!!

  11. I like Billy Miller’s Jason,and I have to wonder if there’s room for both of them in PC? I am angry that GH is firing some wonderful actors just to make room for him. I just don’t think he is worth it.Hayden,Dante,possibly Finn,and who else will leave to accommodate him? He should have stayed gone.

  12. I truly hope Steve returns and whether he returns as Jason or a new character I want him to be paired to Elizabeth. The fans deserve to watch them have a new beginning and a wedding finally! They were robbed of having their love story reach the level of long term and we kept getting teased with engagements with a wedding that would always fall through due to bad writing for Elizabeth’s character.

  13. So it’s going to be like the Finn character, it looks like Silas but we’re to believe he really doesn’t. So he’s he just going to look like the old Jason but be playing someone different? I like Billy Miller and I hope he is the real Jason and SB ends up being an experiment that HC created to mess with Sam.

  14. Billy Miller is Jason now. I was crushed when Steve left the part, but HE LEFT. If he comes back as a hallucination or a different character, I’d be ok with that, but any thing else I’m truly out on. And I LOVE BILLY now.

  15. I love Steve Burton AND Billy Miller. Steve LEFT GH OF HIS OWN FREE WILL choosing to live in Nashville Tenn with his family. However, that staying at home with family only lasted a few months till JFP called and offered him a NEW role on Y&R as Dylan. Steve went to Y&R stayed for awhile(in the meantime JFP was FIRED) and Steve DECIDED TO LEAVE YET, AGAIN, saying he wanted to give more time and attention to his other businsses as well as the band Port Chuck. So, my point is WHY DOES HE EVEN CONSIDER COMING BACK NOW? We have grown to love Billy Miller as Jason and he is actually giving the character feelings that have NOT BEEN displayed before Miller came. I love BILLY MILLER and DO NOT WANT TO SEE HIM LEAVE – REPLACED – OR EVEN MADE TO FEEL UNWELCOME………….Grow up GH…….let Steve MOVE ON as he said he wanted to do several years ago.

    • Yes. For sure…We do NOT need SB to come back as anyone BUT just so it’s not Jason.. We have a wonderful Jason in Billy Miller and many of us don’t want SB back. Even though this is a story and not true we need to realize these stars are real life and needing jobs.. How would anyone feel if you took a job and then someone from the past like years ago decided they wanted their old job back so the powers to be come and tell you that you are being replaced cause someone wants their job back.. I don’t even have to know how you would feel cause I already know that would be sooooooooo wrong.. Well this is the same thing to these actors.. It’s their lively hood and their jobs.. Just NOT right..
      I love you Jason (Billy Miller).
      If they boot you out I am leaving also.

  16. Jason was always my favorite character and I loved Steve’s interpretation. Peo say that his acting was robotic but i don’t agree at all. He infused what might have been a robotic character w/ great depth-which is extremely difficult to do. Histrionics are much easier — to communicate feeling in a subtle way requires an actor of real skill.

    I hated that they re-cast his role. I admit that I have come to like Billy Miller-but I never see him as JASON. I really see him as another being.

    If GH lured Steve back, you know they did it because their research has told them that it would bring in better ratings. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen. But the producers don’t do things out of the goodness of their hearts.

    • Akbi Khan

      Preach, sister! 🙂 Seriously, thanks for reading and commenting, Joanna and Dawn. And Shana, Dawnie, Christy, Tammy. 🙂

    • Well there may not be a lot of people that will leave either way but if they give SB the Jason role again I am gone as if anyone really would care..

  17. Great to have him back, he’s a fantastic actor. I do feel sad that they are letting another actor go to have the money to pay him. Sad sad sad

    • There are more than one getting the boot due to SB.. There are 2 for sure and two that wanted to come back and can’t now.. Loosing all those will not help the show.
      I hope if SB does come back and gets the role of Jason back that SB will again get a better offer and leave again..

  18. All I have to say is YES THERE IS A GOD!!! AND ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! He is the only JASON MORGAN and from here the story is simply… Yeah SAM the reason you went nuts isn’t the writers (HINT,HINT) but rather your husband wasn’t really Your husband. He loves jake so much let jake be with jake and Jason come home!!!!

    • Somehow I don’t think had anything to do with this… lol If he did he sure isn’t a God that would want to see 3-4 good people fired to get one back and he sure wouldn’t want it to be because some people prefer Violence!

      • You take things too literally don’t you. It’s okay, there are a lot of people like you today who love taking things like this out of context. On the upside, I’m sure you’ll you have a foot up in media should you choose such a career. I think the rest of us understand no one is advocating real life violence in anyway.

        As to your Billy Miller obsession, he failed to portray the character of Jason Morgan. That is his job as an actor and what he was hired to do. Regardless if you like the new character BM Jason became or not, you must recognize this fundamental argument when even the writers and characters had to explain how Jason wasn’t acting like Jason. SB returned and can anyone deny he isn’t Jason???? If you still argue that, you were never a Jason Morgan fan to begin with.

  19. Teresa Hedgespeth

    I will be waiting patiently for Steve Burton’s return as the one and only Jason Morgan!! He has been missed by me and so many others. Billy Miller is a good actor but he will never be Jason Morgan in my heart! Been watching General Hospital for 50 years and Steve Burton is the best ever….just my opinion!!

  20. I LOVE Steve Burton!! I’m soooooo happy he’s coming back! Billy is an amazing actor.. Really miss him on YnR but him and Sam have a good chemistry but I wonder if that’s cuz they’re together in real life we feel their connection.. I hope Steve comes back as the real Jason and we get some mafia storylines again! Billy can stay with Sam but please, for the love of my sanity, do not put him with Elizabeth!!!!! Again!!!!

  21. I am thrilled Steve Burton is returning. He can only be the real Jason. Let Billy Miller be his twin to keep him on the show too. I have always said Steve Burton is Jason. I went back to watching Y&R when I found out he was on it. But I couldn’t get past OK Jason is a cop LOL.

    To the writers, please let him be the real original Jason. Again, I am thrilled he is returning.

  22. I love GH, but I am a newer viewer. I have never seen Steve Burton as Jason, so I’m not particularly looking forward to his return on the show. I’m more upset about the loss of William DeVry, Rebecca Budig, and Tyler Christopher. I’m beginning to wonder if the powers that be are sabotaging their own show. That seems to be what happened when ATWT was cancelled. It’s a crying shame to see such a successful show go down the tubes with these poor casting decisions.

    • Well I have watched since the beginning and I also liked SB but he didn’t want to be Jason anymore so he left for greener pastures and then something happened to that job (we will probably never know why) but he came back and is trying to come back and it looks like they are going to let him.. Makes one wonder what kind of a hold or what is that good to let him come back but anyway it’s not fair.. Not at all.
      I hate that Julian, Hayden, Nic and yes, Morgan now can’t be on the show or be brought back due to SB.. He must have someone important going to have that kind of power..I couldn’t live with myself if I did this to someone else.
      Even though this is a show it happens to interfear with jobs and those are real jobs..

  23. I was hurt when Steve Burton left,but not too bad!!! Steve Burton’s Jason threatened to kill Sam,he would leave Sam to protect her,then run to Elizabeth!!!! He made no sense!!!Billy Miller’s Jason,on the other hand,has treated Sam with nothing but love and respect ever sense he fell for her again!!!! Billy Miller has made me forget about Steve Burton,and I personally would rather not ever see him again,at least not on GH!!!!

  24. Billy Miller is my Jason I used to love Steve burton but he left it took me awhile to get used to Billy but his and Kelly chemistry you can not beat

  25. I prefer Billy Miller as Jason Morgan!! I used to love Steve at one time,but he left-billy and Kelly are hotter together than steve and Kelly were!!!! I’m not against Steve returning,but let him be someone else!!!!!!

  26. After watching Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco Chemistry 10/27, 30 who could deny. The show hasn’t been this exciting since he left and I can’t tell you how awesome it is to finally get excited for daily episodes again. I had been saving them for weeks and ff through most the program. Steve Burton has my vote all day long, Killy has nothing and liason never and will never have anything on the original JaSam.

  27. I am so glad he is back and he is the real Jason. Have not watched the show since he. They need to be reunited.

  28. Been a fan of GH for 30+ years, was sad to see Steve leave & was real fan of Jason Morgan character. But Steve decided to leave, & Billy Miller came in, saved the Jason character and made it his own. So GH better have Burton play Andrew, the twin, or I will be pissed. Might be the kick I need to stop watching altogether, will be furious.

  29. I’m hoping that Steve is Jason’s twin brother and Billy is Jason!!!! Kelly and Billy have amazing chemistry,even in a hospital room!!!! He always takes such good care of her!!!!!!

  30. I am on Cloud 9 that Steve Burton is back. Never liked this Miller guy trying to be Jason. Just tolerated him. Burton is Jason he always has been and always will Can’t believe all these people like Miller as Jason. GH make Miller Andrew not the original Jason
    I’ve been watching for 40 + years. And if you guys screw up this storyline you will loose me as a forever fan

  31. Just saying the truth

    I like Billy Miller better than Steve Burton . Steve Burton fans remind me of trump supporters I just want to slap the stupid out of them.

  32. IF YOUR A TRUE FAN OF JASON MORGAN YOU KNOW STEVE BURTON CAN AND ALWAYS WILL BE HIM. Yes, we werw all sad when he left his role but he had his FAMILY to think about and his character is a job and it kept him from his family. Y&R character Dylan maybe was closer for him to spend time with his family and he had a healthy business he was starting. Don’t get me wrong Billy Miller is a great actor to me he will always be Billy Abbott he had great chemistery with Victoria and his kids.
    STEVE BURTON MADE JASON MORGAN the bad boy with those blue eyes. The chemistery Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton had made him the REAL JASON!
    In REAL LIFE Billy & Kelly are GREAT TOGETHER and I’m happy for them. But Steve brings the bad boy out and the relationship with Sonny and Carly is REAL as actors.

    • Disagree. I’m a fan of General Hospital & the characters created by the writers.

      Steve left saying he wanted to spend time with his family in Tennessee, but immediately took the Y&R job(last episode as Jason aired 10-26-12, 1st episode as Dylan aired 1-29-13). They shoot less than 4 miles apart in LA, so location couldn’t have been an issue.

      I say, if they mess with fans who stayed with GH & bought into Billy Miller’s Jason, they deserve the ratings drop if they take Jason away from him.

  33. I will not watch general hospital anymore since six is jason.This is horrible. I started watching because billy miller is a wonderful actor.

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