BREAKING: James Comey Testimony Likely to Pre-empt Our Soaps

The testimony of James Comey before the Senate could interrupt the daytime schedule.

Soap fans be on alert! All three networks are set to carry ex-FBI director James Comey’s testimony live.

Pre-emeption Alert!

NBC announced Tuesday that they will join fellow broadcast networks ABC and CBS in airing Comey’s Senate testimony Thursday.  While Days of Our Lives is already preempted this Thursday and Friday due to the 2017 French Open Tennis games, it could further be pre-empted next week depending on how long Comey’s testimony lasts.

“ABC and CBS will break into their daytime programming on Thursday to cover James Comey’s appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee,” reported Variety.  Again, depending on how long it lasts, the broadcasts of General Hospital, Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful  may be affected.

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Comey’s testimony will begin at 10:00 a.m eastern time.

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Don’t Go There, Daytime!

We at Soap Cities have been vocal about our opposition to networks interrupting our stories to cover news. All three networks have sister cable networks they can air news on, not to mention the option to use their apps to deliver this content. They also and ability to steam live on their websites. And, they could always put a crawl on the bottom of the screen with Comey highlights.

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If preemptions persist, depending, ultimately, of course, on how long Comey’s testimony lasts, the team at Soap Cities has got your back! We’ll devise a plan to nip them in the bud by by making sure the networks know we are not okay with them killing our soaps again, as they did with the OJ trial.

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What do you think dear Soap Cities readers?  Do you agree the networks are becoming “soap killers” with all these daytime preemptions?  After all, no broadcast network would *dare* to preempt their expensive primetime lineup.  It’s all about the almighty dollar and ratings.  How can daytime turn a profit if our soaps are constantly preempted?

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  1. Sandra Lafferty

    This is getting ridiculous!! My soaps are pre empted and I have to record in the middle of the night and I have to guess what time to record! There are so many news channels now, there is no reason for every channel to be taken off!! I watch news at 10; just give me updates then!

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