B&B’s Bradley Bell on The Sizzling Summer of Sheila !

Kimberlin Brown Joins B&B
Summer Needs A Little Sheila / Kimberlin Brown Official Facebook Page

CBS Daytime has dubbed Kimberlin Brown’s return to B&B (The Bold and The Beautiful) as Summer Needs A Little Sheila! 

Brown posted the awesome promo on her Official Facebook Page.

We certainly agree, don’t we dear Soap Cities readers?!

She’s Baaaaaaaaaaack!

As TV Insider’s Michael Logan says, Sheila Carter’s return to B&B is “old-school soap making at its best!”

Logan actually sat down with B&B Executive Producer Bradley Bell to find out how he pulled off another bold secret soap move and what’s ahead for the folks in LA now that Hurricane Sheila is back in town!

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Bell admitted that pulling such soap coups are “hard to do these days.”  Brown was given a code name and snuck inside the CBS Studios with the cast and crew being sworn to secrecy.

“I’m very excited to have Kimberlin back. [Laughs] She knows how to give good tag,” Bell added.  Don’t you agree dear readers?? We certainly do!

We at Soap Cities got some major points out of Logan’s interview with Bell and we wanted to share them with you!

Nielsen Sweeps Don’t Matter as Much as They Used To

Also: Sean Kanan snuck back onto B&B, and we’re so happy.

Back in the day Sheila’s return would have been saved for February, May, July, or November sweeps.  Not with new ratings technology.

“Every week is important.  With only four remaining soaps, the heat is on us 52 weeks a year,” Bell told Logan.

“What Makes Sheila Carter the Greatest Soap Villain Ever?”

Bell answered that it was her ability to commit so many “evil deeds–including murder” and still have the audience to root and care for her.

Bell is awed by her work:  “Kimberlin has a gravity and an intensity and a fierceness that few actors are able to bring to the screen.  When she dials in her focus?  Wow.  That’s real talent in a very powerful package.”

What About Sheila’s On-Screen “Death” on Y&R (The Young and The Restless)?

We at Soap Cities wondered that too, dear readers.

Well Bell definitely had an answer for us eagle eyed fans of both shows:  He said ultimately B&B is “my universe” and “what happened in Genoa City stays in Genoa City.”  Bell is keeping Sheila’s back story vague.  All we know is she was jailed but has “done her time.”  He added she is broke and we really don’t know if she has truly changed or not.  Bell teased “if she is truly redeemed, could she be the next Forrester matriarch…with her portrait on the wall above the fireplace?”

Sheila Above The Mantle
Kimberlin Brown as Sheila Carter

Cross-over With Sister Soap Y&R?

Don’t be surprised if Sheila ultimately gets to reunite with Lauren (Tracy Bregman) and her son Scotty (who is now a full-grown adult).  With Sheila being obsessed with both mother and son (she was his nanny and kidnapped him), “I’m not ruling it out,” teased Bell.

Please don’t Bradley Bell.  Our eyes will be glued to the TV then, won’t they dear readers?!

What’s Next??

Bell signed Kimberlin to a one year contract and promised her story will be a “big arc.”  Look for Sheila and Quinn [Rena Sofer] to “become rivals” once Sheila discovers Quinn’s misdeeds.  Our beloved Eric Forrester better watch out!

“One of the ultimate goals..was to specifically pit [Sheila] against Quinn.  Brad concluded “it doesn’t get any better than..Brown and Sofer going at in a war to the death!”

Fasten your seat belts, dear readers, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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