What to Expect on Ron Carlivati’s Days of Our Lives

Ron Carlivati, incoming Head Writer at Days of Our Lives.

A Days of Our Lives and new Head Writer Ron Carlivati fan made a list of what Days devotees can expect on the NBC sudser in the coming months.

History Will Be The Judge

Days fan and member of a Days fan group on Facebook, Sam Osler, posted to that group’s page a run-down of and elaboration on what kinds of stories and characters we can expect to see on Carlivati’s Days. He based it on Carlivati’s work on other soaps and things the writer has actually said. Soap Cities provides a concise list below. You can see Osler’s full post further below.

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  1. John, Marlena, Steve, and Kayla as the “centerpiece” of the show.
  2. Comedy!
  3. Most or all of ex-Head Writer Dena Higley’s current storylines discontinued and unpopular characters written off or backburnered.
  4. “Supernatural” and/or “comic book” storylines.
  5. An honoring of the history of the show, with classic characters returning.
  6. An emphasis on “strong, female business-type villains.”

Also: The classic characters are already on their way back–like Chandler Massey as Will Horton!

What Does It All Mean?

Well, it looks like Salem will soon be the same, old Salem we love but more exciting and funnier. And its stories will be told with simultaneous imaginative zest and an reverence for Days‘ decades long history. We’re very much looking forward to this, aren’t you, dear Soap Cities readers?

Breaking: Kassie DePaiva back to Days as Eve Donovan.

Here’s a Dash of Ron’s Recipe

As longtime One Life to Live and General Hospital fans, we at Soap Cities can offer you a glimpse into what Ron did on those shows and how it might play out in Salem.

Ron’s love of and skill for comedy was highlighted when, as Head Writer at OLTL, he resurrected (from OLTL history!) the soap-within-a-soap, Fraternity Row. The original FR was a more serious take on the soap opera genre. Ron’s was a laugh-a-minute yuk fest that showcased the comedic gifts of actors like Roger Howarth (Todd Manning) and Bree Williamson (Jessica Buchanan).

This could mean we’ll see some lightness and fun engaged in by, say, Eric Martsolf (Brady) or Lauren Koslow). Awesome, right?!

While he was  head writer at General Hospital, Carlivati mined show history, which he studied diligently and felt a duty to honor, by bringing back fan fave characters like Anna (Finola Hughes) and AJ (Sean Kanan), among many others. He focused less on mob-related storylines and brought viewer attention back to the hospital, the heart and soul of the show.

On Days, we’re betting this is why Ali Sweeney is set to return as Sami Brady and Chandler Massey is bringing Will Horton back. It’s perhaps also why Osler said that Carlivati intends to hone in on John, Marlena, Steve, and Kayla. Those four are longtime show vets adored by fans who share deep ties to other wildly popular characters.

We also bet Dr. Rolf (William Utay) is coming back partially to bring beloved characters back from the dead, which Carlivati oversaw on GH with the return of Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) or Jake Spencer (Hudson West), among others.


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Akbi Khan has been watching and loving soap operas for 31 years and writing about them for the last four. She also loves sitcoms; musicals; laughter; going dancing; spending time with family and friends; fighting for animal rights, ethical environmental stewardship, civil liberties preservation, and LGBTQ rights; and evolving along a spiritual path. She has a Master’s in rhetoric and composition. Akbi is 39 years old and lives in Ellicott City, Maryland.

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  1. Supernatural? John and Marlena as the leads? This isn’t 1986.

    I don’t want to see more of John.

    Don’t disappoint me Ron !

    • Mike, I personally think you will fall in love with his stories. I followed him from OLTLto GH and I was not disappointed. Give him a chance. I think you will like what you see.

    • Kind of agree here, yes I like the old timers, but they need to keep them peripherally. I mean they’re OK, but face it – the focus should be on the younger – 30-40 y/olds. Personally I cringe watching the older ones in love scenes. Sorry – I know I shouldn’t say that – being older than some of the actors…. LOL

      • Akbi Khan

        We like them all, but yes, the old-timers are our preference too. Thanks for reading and commenting, Natalia and everyone!

      • Marilyn D Morrison

        I used to adore John – and loved him with Marlena. Now, not so much. I DO like the long-term actors who I’ve “grown” with over the years – like family! – and love seeing Maggie with Victor. I know he only has small parts, but they are great, and I hope will continue. Love Adrienne with Justin. Find someone else for Lucas, please!!
        Steve and Kayla are favorites, but there is NO couple who can fill the shoes of Tom and Alice – as much as I had hoped. Younger actors coming in are fine, but THIS group of teenagers is awful. I KNOW we’re supposed to hate Jade’s character (and I do)………..but hope she will be gone soon. Take Joey and Claire with her. Tripp definitely has possibilities in Salem (as a good guy or bad, don’t care – like him!!). However, this “revenge” plot will surely drag out for some time. Kate is an interesting, powerful woman……like her. Love the dry humor between her and Andre!
        PLEASE: no “supernatural” (other than dead people appearing in dream sequences – loved seeing Daniel and wish he had appeared to Chloe to convince her to give Holly to Nicole!) …… and if you bury anyone alive, I’m gone!!

        • Anita Srinivasan

          Jennifer is a tease phony bitch she is not fit to be Alice Horton. I tjinl think Doug and Julie should be next Tom and Alice.

  2. I love John and Marlena.I hope the new writers can save Salem Ive been wTching over 40 years.I hope Chad and Abby get on the right track and they kull the Gabi and Chad story line I think they should give Brady some stability in a relationship with Nicole leaving Im anxious to c if they r gonna recast her which isnt gonna b easy she is a hard one to crack she aces her part.I like to c Jenn and Eric hit it off I love where Steve and Kayla r.

    • Anita Srinivasan

      I want see Jack Deveraux alive serious charming move forward with his life with Johnson’s family. I do not want Jack to grovel Jennifer Horton anymore especially during the Dannifer mess the way she treated him during his ptsd. I rather see Jack move on past Jennifer not play any of her childish games. Jennifer is a tease.

      • Yes, PLEASE bring back Jack (ONLY Matthew Ashford)! I loved the old Jack and Jennifer, and to me, they were definitely one of Day’s supercouples! Jennifer is not the same without him, and so far, except for with Frankie, she really hasn’t worked with anyone else romantically. You guys have her on a serious backburner, and she has gotten kind of boring. She needs Jack back, and frankly, so do we. Don’t care what some of these dummies say about “no more bringing characters back from the dead”. It’s a soap opera, so they don’t have to be realistic. Days shouldn’t have killed off HALF of the characters they killed off, so yes, bring them back…bring Jack back!

    • Anita Srinivasan

      Jennifer is boring and reserve and she is not hottest female anymore either there is no sex appeal to her. I think Eric needs new women for him who can give him a child. If they bring Frankie Brady back for Jennifer send two hypocrites off sunset never been seen again. Bring Jack Deveraux alive serious charming reconnect with Steve and Adrienne and others. Jennifer doesn’t deserve Jack love anymore after Dannifer mess.

    • Anita Srinivasan

      I am fed up with writers killing Jack off for stupid Dannifer mess then letting Horton shrew getting free pass to move on with her next loser. I am sick feeling sorry for Jennifer getting old l do not care if Jennifer is Horton she needs fall off her pedestal grow up she is not innocent victim act. I want see Jack Deveraux alive serious charming move forward with his life Johnson sibling reunited. Let Jennifer have Eric or Frankie Brady worship her I do not care. Let Jack move on past Jennifer.

    • Anita Srinivasan

      I want see Matthew Ashford back for good full-time as different character be connected Johnson family Steve Adrienne long lost brother. Also give him new women for him not Jennifer she deserves Frankie or Daniel or Eric worship. I do not want him near Horton shrew again. He can pair with Eve or Billie Reed. I used to like Jennifer Horton after Dannifer mess I cannot stand Jennifer she is tease.

  3. Please bring Will and Sonny back together and give Chandler Massey a contract so he stays longer. I loved their storyline. It was one of the best. I love Paul but love Sonny with Will. They belong together.

  4. Yes we need to get rid of Dena’s nonsense it never worked for me. Bring back the Horton’s and the Brady’s we have seen so little of them. I miss days and haven’t really watched more than 3 episodes in the last two years.

    • Anita Srinivasan

      I rather see Johnson sibling reunited Steve and Adrienne and others Jack Deveraux alive. The Horton and Brady’s are Hypocrites. They know who they are.

  5. I started wqtching DOOL when dumb as$ abc just stopped OLTL & AMC. I loved Sami & Ej and.Will too. I thank you Ron C. for paying attention in great detail to a shows history!

    Also thank you for bringing back Eve Donovan aka Kassie DePaiva!!!! I loved her acting and singing too! 🙂

    • Akbi Khan

      Well, we believe ABC will eventually right their wrong and bring AMC and OLTL back. But still keep watching Days, we say. 🙂

    • Anita Srinivasan

      Rehire Matthew Ashford back for good full-time reunite with his children but Steve and Adrienne and others not make it about Jennifer Horton shrew. Let him get Spectator away from Horton shrew too. Send Jennifer Horton packing packing with Frankie Brady or Eric. It is time Jack gets new women for him outside Jennifer.

  6. Please bring back Vincent. ! He is great on Days. We need someone like him that we Love to Hate!! He has so many fans that Love him it’s a shame for Days to Lose him!!!!

    • Akbi Khan

      We agree, Vera. He’s a great villain, because he personality so many layers. You love to hate him, exactly. But you also see where his villainy comes from. We too hope Carlivati will bring Vincent back.

  7. I am a huge fan of RC’s stories. He took over OLTL from Dena Higley and I remember how enthused Kassie DePaiva, Erika Slezak, and others were at his promotion. He centered the show away from other characters and focused it back on Viki Lord and her family. He also infuses mini whodunits into his plots, which I love as a mystery writer myself. From past history, not only will viewers fall in love with Days Of Our Lives again, but the ratings will begin to rise incredibly.

    • Please don’t keep Gabbi,I love Chad & Abby please let them get back together & please,please,please don’t let Gabby get pregnant,please don’t.Ellen Pickens

  8. He wrote shit for OLTL, and then went to GH and wrote more shit. Looks like he’s continuing the shit storm on Days. I will not put up with him ending Chabi for boring as fuck Jarlena, Stayla and Chabby. I will stop watching fast, and mean it. I’m not spending my lunch hour watching a bunch if old fossils, and supernatural bullshit. Say goodbye to Days if he writes the crap in this article.

      • Marilyn D Morrison

        I’ve also been watching DOOL since the first year…..I hope to see a “matriarch” couple like Tom & Alice. I thought (hoped) Bo and Hope……..nope…….then maybe John and Marlena……..not really……Steve and Kayla
        …….don’t really think that the “Bad Boy” fits the bill. No one left for that. Definitely not Julie & Doug. Hate what they’re turned her into – a meddling shrew!! Justin and Adrianne…….possibly. Love them together. The Jade/Joey/Claire storyline is nasty, and so are the actors. Bringing on Morgan Fairchild, especially as she looks now, was a mistake!! (and so is the storyline) I stopped watching while Marlena was possessed, and when Carly was buried alive. PLEASE: no supernatural, or silly comedy. Would love to see Jack reincarnated, and back with Jennifer. Need actors like Daniel – Nicole – EJ – Eric – Brady ………
        I’m hoping for the best!!

        • Anita Srinivasan

          I want see Jack Deveraux alive serious charming move forward with his life not with Jennifer especially during the Dannifer mess I do not need him treated as obligation again. Jack should move on with Billie Reed Recast Nicole pair Jack. If Jennifer wants Jack and truly love him then she needs to do the heavy lifting fight for him. Not other way around.

        • Anita Srinivasan

          I rather see Johnson sibling reunited Steve and Adrienne and others Jack Deveraux alive. The Horton and Brady’s are Hypocrites. They know who they are. We do not need Saint Daniel leave him dead. The rest can come back.

    • Just out of curiosity (and not animosity), I wonder how long you’ve been watching Days? I was just trying to figure out if the consensus of those who don’t like the older characters didn’t watch back in days when John and Marlena were going through what it took to get together.

  9. Hoping he utilizes the phenomenal talent of Greg Vaughan & gives him/ Eric Brady great storylines​.

    • Anita Srinivasan

      I rather see Johnson sibling reunited Steve and Adrienne and others Jack Deveraux alive. The Horton and Brady’s are Hypocrites. They know who they are. We do not need Saint Daniel leave him dead. The rest can come back. Eric should go back to being priest giving advice. Keep him away from the Horton shrew.

  10. Keep Kristen dead. She’s worthless to the show. Get Justin and Adrienne back together. They’re a supercouple. Find Lucas another woman. Like Anne. Bring back Eugene and Calliope. They’re the comedy of the show.

    • Marilyn D Morrison

      I agreed with you to begin with, Kali. Keep Kristin dead. Justin should be with Adrienne!! Best couple on the show (other than Maggie and Victor) Give Lucas another woman, but cannot STAND Anne. Have not missed her!!
      If Eugene and Calliope came back, or if there are “supernatural” stories…….I’m gone. Stopped watching for a time when they were on. This is not a comedy show…….like “dry humor” like Kate and Andre have had……or Victor comes up with.

  11. As long as he keeps Chad and Gabi I really don’t care. They would make a great superior couple.

  12. I’m all for the changes and bringing back some former actors BUT, I hated the SUPERNATURAL with Marlena, don’t thrill with that. I stopped watching when that was happening. And Hernandez characters, PLEASE don’t get rid of Rafe or Gabby. Love their characters and like looking at Rafe. Chad and Gabby could be such a good story line.

  13. I’m good with just about anything that will save DOOL but PLEASE leave the ‘supernatural’ stuff alone! It’s bad enough to bring characters back from the dead, but at least Dr. Rolf provides some slim believability for that. As for comedy, I know that ‘Victor’ is getting on in years and doesn’t have much airtime, but I always lived for his ‘one-liners’. . A little comedic relief is welcome!

    • Akbi Khan

      Couldn’t agree more. But Ron does seem to love supernatural-type stuff. We’ll see, I guess!

  14. One thing I am anxious for is Sami ‘s return …I hope ej is with her….they are the best…..the show is gonna suck ass with Nicole gone….but Sami is a close 2nd for me…..can’t wait for new story lines

  15. Lola Wooldridge

    I am so glad we have a new head writer.I am so glad he is bringing back more story lines with our Beloved John and Marlena and Patch and Kayla.So glad the Hernandez family will be gone or put on the back burner except please keep Rafe as there is no better person for Hope now that Bo is gone except Rafe.I pray that Gabi,Ciara,Jade Deimos are let go and also Dario as they are not fit to watch on Days.This island plot has almost killed Days with Gabi and Chad and all the sex and murder story lines.

    • Anita Srinivasan

      I want see Jack Deveraux alive serious charming move forward with his life with Johnson’s family. I do not want Jack to grovel Jennifer Horton anymore especially during the Dannifer mess the way she treated him during his ptsd. I rather see Jack move on past Jennifer not play any of her childish games. Jennifer is a tease. I rather see charming devious Jack back alive not clown buffoon. No more groveling saint Jennifer Horton shrew saint Jennifer Horton shrew.

    • Anita Srinivasan

      No more buffoon Jack or groveling to saint Jennifer anymore either she is not worth it since Dannifer mess. I want see Jack Deveraux alive serious charming move forward with his life. If not Matthew Ashford back for good full-time as different character just like Jack Deveraux connect with Johnson’s family and Angelica too. Jennifer can have Eric or Frankie Brady worship her romance her and leave Jack alone have his own love interest for him.

  16. I really am gld u are going to spice things iup. I would love to see more of JOhn marlenad akayla and steve. Jad e needs to go she getson my nerves and mean. I really do hope chad and abby get back Love them and they have such astrong connection to find their way back.. Dario can go he makes me sick and dont like him. Gabbi can stay bt nned to find her love interst Eli would be good for her. I hope Willand sonn geat back and sonny find osut Will never did anything wrong and never cheated. I love Wilson not a big Paulson fan think Paul could be with someone else will and sonn always have that special kind of love like CHad and Abby. so Hopeing those two couples get back I will keep wtaching to see what u bring and hopofeully my get back together.

  17. I truly hope you will get Abigail and Chad back together (Chabby). They, and their baby son, are a beautiful family and both Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abigail (Marci Miller) are tremendous actors. Their love is strong and symbolizes that enduring love that future Salemites would love to have They would be perfect because the Hortons and Dimeras are two families with strong histories in Salem. Dena spoiled their marriage, practically ruining two great actors in the process – she was constantly promoting Gabi Hernandez (Camilla Banus) and her brother Dario Hernandez (Jordi Villanuso), making life miserable for so many on DOOL. The Hernandez family (except for Rafe), were dishonest, corrupt, and uncouth. For the most part Gabi was hated by many because she lacked morals and scruples, she flaunted her body to the dislike of many viewers who had to fast forward or avoid watching DOOL whenever she was on. It is wonderful to have Greg Vaughn (Eric Brady) back on Days. Love him and Jennifer Horton together as a couple. I could go on and on but thank you for what you and Ron are trying to do for Days. I am looking forward to a wonderful future for Days.

    • Anita Srinivasan

      If Jack Deveraux alive serious charming let him move on with his life Eve or Billie Reed or recast Nicole. I do not want Jack to be obstacle Jennifer love life anymore after Dannifer mess. Jennifer is a tease phony and needy there is nothing innocent about her anymore. Jennifer can have Eric leave Salem forever both hypocrites and boring. Jack can finally move forward with his life again.

    • Anita Srinivasan

      Eric can have Jennifer he will probably be her lapdog while she pants over Jack or whoever Matthew Ashford plays hopefully devious charming smart and snarky.

  18. It’s Nov 16th and I’m getting really depressed watching Days. I don’t see anyone really acting just crying, crying and more crying. I counted 9 people crying in one episode this week. I think it was down to 6 people crying in today’s episode. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been fast forwarding through the crying scenes so it only takes a few minutes to watch an entire episode.

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