PROGRAMMING UPDATE: How you can catch Jane Elliot’s Final GH Episode

Jane Elliot, Tracy Qaurtermaine on General Hospital.

If you live in one of the television markets in which the final episode featuring General Hospital icon Jane Elliot Tracy Quartermaine was to air, we have some info you need to know!

All Is Not Lost

ABC Programming Executive Nathan Varni took to Facebook to fill GH fans in on why Elliot’s last episode was preempted by news coverage and who fans can still see the end of the Tracy Q era! See the full post below.

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“A General Hospital programming update: we will re-air today’s Farewell Tracy episode on Monday May 29th. Today’s interruption was beyond our control and dictated by ABC News. The full episode will also be available around 5pm PST/8pm EST on our ABC website and ABC Watch App along with Hulu.

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A link will be posted to view the full episode later today on the ABC website and we are hoping to take the wall down for this episode so all viewers can fully enjoy and appreciate this very special episode for free,” Varni said.

Well, Good Thing!

We are big Jane Elliot fans here at Soap Cities, and we know a lot of you are too, dear readers. The tough but tender Quartermaine matriarch is part of our families, after all! We’ve seen her through so many ups and downs–and she us–we get a little queasy just thinking about it.

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It’s nice that ABC acknowledges her importance, allowing all Elliot’s fans to see her last episode for free. Of course, it’s her last episode for now. There is no such thing is “forever” in daytime, right?


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