Lynn Herring Answers Fan Questions as Nurse’s Ball Opens

Lynn Herrine as General Hospital fan fave Lucy Coe.

General Hospital’s Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe) live Tweeted with fans during the start of the iconic Nurses Ball!  Lynn Herring opened up the Q&A by sending thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Manchester bombing during the Ariana Grande concert in the UK.  #Lovewins

Clamoring to Know

Fans asked Herring a range of queries, spanning from whether she chooses her own dresses for the fete; if we’d see screen daughter Serena there; {who, incidentally, sent her mom flowers before the event began, presented to Lucy by dad Scott Baldwin [Kin Shriner]}; if she missed Jane Elliot (ex-Tracy Quartermaine); to why we don’t see the character more often onscreen. It’s very clear that Lucy is a fan favorite. See the Tweets and Herring’s responses below.

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A Time Honored Fan Favorite

Lucy has been the mistress of ceremonies for the Nurses Ball ever since its inception in 1994. Brought back in 2013, the ball’s an annual Port Charles tradition and a hit with GH fans. And, for good reason, as the gala of the year raises money for HIV and AIDS awareness and research.

Also: Mario Lopez told of two women in his life who are huge GH fans and were at 2017’s Nurse’s Ball.

How does Herring pick her dresses?

Will Serena be part of the fun again, even if she has to see her mom in her undies?

Do all the series regulars come to the Ball?

What’s the GH set and family like without Jane Elliot?

Herring was inundated with questions during the live tweet, from what she thought of the dresses of her co-stars to the Nurses Ball numbers.  So, here are a few more we would like to share with you….we’ll start with a spoiler!

First a #CarSon Spoiler on Lucy blackmailing Ava over knowing she switched Morgan’s bipolar meds with placebos:  “Keep watching to see if Sonny & Carly find out about Lucy’s involvement in knowing Ava, it all gets too good at #NursesBall.  Can’t wait for u 2 c everything!!”

On Mario Lopez:  “He was awesome.  He was so charming and warm and he brought some of his adorable family members.  We loved having him!”

On Carly, Sam, Liz & Nina’s dresses:  They looked “amazing.  I loved Sam’s yellow dress, u don’t always see that color on red carpets. Loved Liz’ also.  Yes, I love Nina’s dress.  That purple is so great on her!  So fun for all of us to dress up!”

On Matt Cohen (Dr. Griffin):  He’s “so fun, looks awesome n his tux.  I do LOVE seeing all our men in their tuxedos.”

On Lucy’s red carpet dress:  “Yes, I loved my red carpet dress.  So different!  The beautiful bling top and gorgeous fabric on the bottom!  It had pockets so I could hide snacks.”

On the extras on the set:  They “work very hard.  They do enjoy the show but spend a lot of hours on the set.  WE so appreciate them.”

On her favorite red carpet moment:  “Getting a wink from Mario Lopez and then he told me Lucky sure gets to make quite an entrance.”

On Lucy’s costume changes:  “I think we have 8 changes this year.  Hair and make-up pals worked hard and FAST!”

On Lucy’s tight dresses:  “We only had one zipper that took 3 people to hold to get me zipped in.  By the end of #NURSESBALL you will have to guess which one.”

On the opening of Nurses Ball 2017:  “This year the opening is different than in the past and so great., I think you will love it, fingers crossed.  Everyone rehearsed and rehearsed.  I love the speech (the writers) gave Lucy this year.  So perfect & reminding all we started this in 1994.  WOW!”

On opening number:  “Everyone was up and dancing by the end, even after the cameras stopped rolling!”

On all the NB Fashion:  “There are some great pics we took for Soap Opera Digest coming soon so you can see all the dresses up close.”  Of course, SOD is our trusted source for all things soap, covering all four shows!

On the dresses:  They “are made, purchased and rented.  Then our amazing seamstress Maki, fits them 2 us.  We do feel like Cinderella going 2 #Nursesball.  This year, each dress seemed to fit the appropriate timing.  From the opening to the white closing dress, Shawn did such a great job!”

On her favorite Nurses Ball Number:  “There are so many favorite performances 4 so many reasons.  The finale of this #NursesBall is one of my absolute favorites!”

On the opening and closing numbers:  “Our writers outdid themselves with our opening and closing.  Can’t wait for you to see all #Nursesball  They combined the opening and closing tunes to open this year.  So good & changed the ending & I think you will enjoy!”

On the Nurses Ball Numbers:  They “will have you crying and smiling!  Opening had my smiling and in tears as does the closing and everything in between.  I so hope you enjoy everyday!  #NURSESBALL is a joy to do!”

On Nurses Ball Dancers:  “We use the same dancers as much as we can as they are ‘Nurses and Doctors’ at #GH #NURSESBALL.  And they are all such a great group.”

On taping the Nurses Ball:  “There is always lots of laughter during the taping.  Try keeping 40 actors in line during the quiet time.  Spilled drinks, phones showing and so on.  This year, no one dozed off.  we have had an extra fall asleep once.  But he was pooped, didn’t blame him.”

On Nurses Ball bloopers:  “I did leave a trail of beads from one dress all over the stage & everyone kept finding them and bringing them to me.  I couldn’t get lost.  I only tripped once, see if you can sport it.  I was coming off the stage toward the Ava Scotty table.”

On Nurses Ball T-shirts:  “I have all my #NURSESBALL t-shirts.  WE Should bring them back!”  Herring said to tweet @valentinifrank & @nathanvarni on Twitter.

On  a return appearance of the AIDS Quilt:  “We try to fit in all the story we can during #Nursesball past and present.  The AIDS Quilt was a huge part so maybe it will show up again.”

On Robin & Stone’s storyline:  “Story 1 of my all time faves,  So desperately romantic.  So glad 2 have been part of that.”

On Richard Simmons:  “We wish (him) the best, he brought a lot to #NURSESBALL.”

On Shell Kepler (Nurse Amy Vining):  “She would have loved all we have done on General Hospital.  So glad to have known so many great friends from #GH.”

On Felix & Epiphany:  “Love (them) too!  (They) add so much depth and love and humor!! We smile at each other a LOT during our taping!!”

On Kevin & Lucy:  “I know Kevin & Lucy were so awesome to bring to u, but Laura has dibs on him now 🙂  Not sure after Lucky kissed Scott that year if (it’s) possible.  Lucy put Kevin thru some embarrassing moments.  Nice when opposites attract.  Hopefully, Lucy does get (a) love interest.  Poor guy!”

On Scott & Lucy:  “Scott & Lucy have so much history & Serena is part of it.  They are a bit on the off right now and I Do like sparring w/ Ava.”

On Scott & Ava:  “If Scott & Ava are caught kissing this year, I may have to go all ‘Lucy Coe’ on them from way back. :)”

On Lucy’s future love life:  “Who do YOU think Lucy should be paired with??? I have a line during the #Nursesball that I have a date after.  Who should it BE???”

On GH spinoff Port Charles:  Yes, I miss (PC), special times with special people.  Loved every minute, even when it did get a little out there.  🙂 ”

On the recent passing of Peter Hansen (Lee Baldwin):  “(He) will be missed.  He was an amazing special man to me & 2 Kin Shriner.”

Lynn thanked the fans for the Q&A:  “Thank you nice comments.  The #Nursesball for me stands for so many things that are unique& great about daytime.”

Lynn thanked the fans again:  “Thanks 4 all this, so fun, I love hosting and I love our message 2 not forget HIV/AIDS awareness, nationally, and globally.”

Lynn so gracious to the fans:  “Thank all of you 4 the amazing thoughts & comments.  The love & joy from the #Nursesball is contagious so thank U 4 sharing your time & love.”

Lynn asked the fans to thank GH EP Frank Valentini:  “Be sure 2 thank Frank Valentini for continuing to make the #NURSESBALL happen.  He knows how much it means 2 all of us & makes the magic.”

Lynn once again thanking the fans, prompting #GH EP Frank Valentini to reply ~ Lynn : “Thanks to all who watched and are watching!!! Means so much to all of us @General Hospital (Three heart emojis).  Frank’s Response:  “W0w!! So excited about the Nurses Ball #LucyCoeisAmazing Humbled by the East Coast response.  #GH

~Additional Reporting by:  Shawn Brady

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