Happy Birthday to ABC and General Hospital Executive Nathan Varni

ABC Programming Exec Nathan Varni and GH star Nicholas Bechtel (Spencer Cassadine).

We at Soap Cities would like to wish ABC and General Hospital Exec Nathan Varni a Happy Birthday!!

A Friend to Daytime Fans

As Manager, Current Programming:  ABC Entertainment, Varni has been a very hands on GH Exec.  From his personal Facebook page, Varni is always there for us fans.  He always keeps us up to date on show preemption and air updates, and on the rare occasion he will confirm a storyline or question about an actor posed by a viewer.  He also does something that’s *rarely* seen in the showbiz industry, he actually *listens* to us fans and tries to put our concerns at ease.

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Faceb0ok Fan Interaction

Varni and GH EP Frank Valentini.

Then there’s the cherry on the top:  he personally wishes each Facebook friend a Happy Birthday GH e-card from his account, as well as acknowledging the birthdays of GH cast members.  We think one good turn deserves another and Varni should be recognized on his special day.  Don’t you, dear Soap Cities readers??  It’s nice to have a soap opera executive who is there and communicates with his viewers.  We highly recommend you friend him!  🙂

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GH Happy Birthday e-card from ABC Exec Nathan Varni

GH Dream Job!!

In a rare, personal, and exclusive interview from 2015 conducted by fans (see what I mean, dear readers?!) Varni talked about what it’s like to do what many of us would consider our dream job.  (At least mine!!)

Varni as a wee tot.

He reads about 700 pages of GH-a-week alone!  His average work day:  “is about 12 to 14 hours and new episode outlines for GH (that) come in over the weekends.  Varni grew up on GH, so he’s a “big fan of not only seeing GH vets, but fighting to give them relevant story.  I take honoring the history of GH very seriously,” he added.

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