GH Star Marc Anthony Samuel on His Big Daytime Break and More!

Marc Anthony Samuel, who plays Felix DuBois on General Hospital.

He plays General Hospital’s affable nurse Felix Dubois. Marc Anthony Samuel lets us how he got into acting and other hot topics!

Early Acting Ambitions

Samuel knew from an early age that acting was his goal. “It’s a funny story,” he told All Access with Sarah and Diann. “I went my whole life always wanting to be an actor, but never ever taking the steps to become one. I think part of it was because I didn’t know what to do first!” Samuel, of course is exaggerating–after all, his “whole life” includes the present, where he’s a successful actor who’s made his mark on GH and in other projects! Still, he notes that he paid his dues along the way.

“I would do anything that seemed like acting,” he said. “Modeling, presentations. Then I got more information [on acting]from people who knew better than I.” We know from Samuel’s Nurses Ball appearances that he can not only act, but does pretty well in the singing and dancing department, too.

Stage Before Screen

Samuel recounted that he got his start in the theater. “I joined a community theater in Eugene, Oregon, where I went to college,” he said. Later, he joined a repertory company in Portland, Oregon. There, he flexed his talent in the plays Six Degrees of Separation and Miss Evers Boys. “I got to work with the late, great director Dennis Bigelow, who had worked with other television stars,” he noted.

A surprising fact about Samuel is that his dad was a stage actor in Chicago. It’s clear that he’s derived a lot of influence from his father. “It’s fascinating how dad became other characters,” he said.

Hopes for Felix and Side Projects

Samuel answered some fan questions, and one that stood out was what he’d like to see for his character down the road. “I’d love to see Felix have a relationship onscreen,” he said. “I’d also love for him to meet his parents onscreen. The writers are going to do what they’re going to do, and I am grateful for the material they give me when I go in. But, I think that the surface of Felix hasn’t even begun to be touched yet.” Samuel expressed appreciation to the fans for their input. “I have a feeling that Felix might have a great storyline in store, especially if the fans keep up their demand.” He said that he appreciates his fans and enjoys meeting them. “They are the reason soaps exist,” he emphasized.

Movie Marc

Those who want to see more of Samuel outside of GH are in luck. He has two movies in the pipeline, Crooked Somebody and Rumor from Ground Control. “Crooked Somebody is an ensemble piece, which will be shown on the film festival circuit or released via different mediums,” he said. “Rumor from Ground Control will be a beautiful piece of work when it’s all done.” We at Soap cities look forward to seeing more of the multitalented Samuel as Felix and in other projects!

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