General Hospital Spoilers, Thursday, May 11th: Will Finn and Hayden’s Plan Work?

Dr. Hamilton Finn, in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, May 11th, predict that Griffin expresses a hope that Finn and Hayden share about proving his sobriety is for real.

Fingers Crossed

Finn (Michael Easton) gives one of his classic looks of certainty mixed with soapy wonder, puckered lips and all, as Griffin (Matt Cohen) says, “Let’s just hope your plan works.” We think it’s in the bag. Felix (Parry Shen) behaved like a raving lunatic–clearly invested in the outcome of Finn’s drug test–the other day, so perhaps Finn, Griffin, and Hayden (Rebecca Budig) can show Finn was set up.

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Amorous Hope

Hayden (Rebecca Budig) tells Curtis (Donnell Turner) she doesn’t know exactly where she and Finn stand as a couple.

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Martina Objects

Martina (Daya Vaidya) tells Sonny how his plan to get Carly (Laura Wright) to let him keep his assets in their divorce by using the legal eagle as a pawn didn’t quite work. She does, however, tell him she’s come up with a plan to settle the nasty Corinthos divorce!

Meanwhile, Carly’s pal, Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) tells her not to give up on love. It looks like Olivia’s brush with death during the holdup really got her believing in love again!

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Bye Bye, Baby

Nina (Michelle Stafford) tells Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) she’s leaving him. Anna (Finola Hughes) overhears and leaps up for her seat saying, “Damn it!”

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