General Hospital Spoilers, Friday, May 12th: Carly Busts Martina and Sonny?

Martina and Sonny in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Friday, May 12th, predict that Carly wants answers from Martina and Sonny, and Martina is actually willing to give some!

The Truth?

Ha! As if! As if Martina (Daya Vaidya) could really fess up to Carly (Laura Wright) about bedding Sonny (Maurice Benard) the night before she met him in court as Carly’s lawyer! Then again, stranger things have happened in Port Charles. Carly demands an explanation, and Martina says she’ll tell her everything. Everything, Martina? Really?

A Cop Needs Counsel

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Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) sits down with Anna (Finola Hughes) and asks her, “How long did you think you could hide from me?” She needs her good friend Anna’s advice too. We at Soap Cities are guessing it’s about her complicated relationship with Curtis (Donnell Turner).

Back Up Off My Man

Really, Nina (Michelle Stafford) should have that printed on a t-shirt and just wear it all the time. She’s obsessed with the idea that Anna (Finola Hughes) is after Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Of course, she’s right. But not in exactly the way she thinks she is. Friday, Nina tells Curtis Anna is after her man.

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Hayden’s In Trouble

Some of you young’uns may not know it, but back in the old days, a woman was sometimes said to be “in trouble” if she was unmarried and pregnant. Friday, Finn (Michael Easton) asks Hayden (Rebecca Budig) if she could be pregnant. She bites her lip and looks at him with uncertainty, but a bit of happy excitement too!

Also: Helena Cassadine–she’s baaaaaaaaaack!

Nelle Does Some Unsubtle Hinting

Nelle (Chloe Lanier) asks Michael (Chad Duell) if he can think of any reason for her to stick around Port Charles.

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