General Hospital Romance Report Card: How the Love Is Measuring Up–Vote In Our Poll!

See what grade Franco and Elizabeth got in our General Hospital Romance Report Card.

General Hospital knows how to bring us that afternoon delight we fans want. Some of its current amorous tales are fab, while others are less so. Do you agree with our grades?

Kevin and Laura: A+

As Donna Summer once cooed, so we must say about this couple: “Ooooooooh/Love to love you, baby.”

And don’t you, dear Soap Cities readers? These two are mature, fun, unexpected, and entertaining even when things are going swimmingly for them, as they are now. Two awesome GH characters found each other–yay!

Honestly, we can’t find anything negative to say about them–except maybe that we want to see lots more of them!

Alexis and Julian: A

Granted, the amount of drama these two experience makes us need to sit down and take a few deep breaths every time they’re on our screen. But that’s one of the reasons they’re so amazing! They are always interesting, never want to make us fast forward, and despite some wacky stuff happening, we believe the Julexis story deep down in our hearts. Hopefully, these two will find each other again, so to speak.

Sam and Jason: B+

One thing that really annoyed us is how Jasam couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Perhaps we’re bitter or cynical, but it was still true. In any case, when they first got back together, their constant need to be pawing at each other got on our nerves.

Thankfully that phase is over. These two have undeniably great chemistry–even the actors seem to love working together so much. But they lack that passion that almost makes us want to yell out at our TV screens, “Yes, yes, YES!”

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Kiki and Dillon: B+

The incessant sex and tongues and hands and ripping each other’s clothes off mantle has been handed over by Jasam and valiantly taken up by Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins). As hot as these two people are, we’ve seen enough of their rolling around on different surfaces all over Port Charles.

We do love how they were on and off, then love triumphed, and now they are together, hopefully long enough for us to get to see them explore who they are as a couple–and have some classic GH adventures together. Exciting!

Elizabeth and Franco: B

We love both Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco (Roger Howarth) as individual characters. And a recent poll we did made us see how great they really are together. They break the soap mold in a new, exciting way. And we look forward to seeing where they take their partnership.

Jordan and Curtis: C

These two actors, Donnell Turner (Curtis) and Vinessa Antoine (Jordan), are so darn pretty! We kind of can’t take our eyes off the screen when they are on it.

But their chemistry is a little off. Now, Jordan and Andre and Curtis and Valerie (Brytni Sarpy) or Hayden (Rebecca Budig), those would have been couples that made us call the fire department when our TVs exploded because of the sexy energy between them. Sadly, it isn’t so with these two. They have the air of a brother and sister to us!

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Hayden and Finn: C

We like these two together, which is why we are giving them a C. How does that make sense? Well, we were supremely annoyed when Hayden said she couldn’t promise Finn (Michael Easton) she’d be there for him when he got out of rehab. Way to jeopardize his sobriety, Hayden! And after he saved your life when you were sick, tsk tsk.

We can’t help but root for these two, because we like Michael Easton a lot and love Rebecca Budig so. So get it together, you two!

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Nina and Valentin: B-

While these two are great as two outcast peas in a pod, there are some things we can’t get behind concerning them.

The whole marriage of convenience thing is a little undeniable and a turn-off–as in, Nina (Michelle Stafford) kind of just married Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) to allow him to look good in family court and keep Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). Then again, they’ve done a good job of convincing us they truly love each other since.

However, Nina’s constant jealousy and suspicion to the point of lunacy is maddening, unenjoyable, and so not sexy!

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Lulu and Dante: A

There’s a saying in fiction writing popular in the daytime industry that “happiness is boring.” And it does seem to prove true. As much as it saddens us when a couple sees rough times, when a pair isn’t going through them, they get dull and don’t move story forward.

However, Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) happiness lately isn’t boring and is actually refreshing. Keep it up, you two, and get shared custody of Charlotte!

Ned and Olivia: A

We love these two together. One of the reasons is that we love them individually, and their partnership has given the writers a reason to put them back on our screens. Hooray!

Felicia and Mac, Molly and TJ: ???

We put these four together, because we have one very important question for both of them: where the heck are you?!? The catacombs under Wyndermere? Before we can give them a grade, we need to see more of them.

Brad and Lucas: B-

We, of course, applaud the inclusion of a gay couple on the GH story canvas. However, it never made sense to us that Lucas (Ryan Carnes) would choose Brad (Parry Shen) over Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel). Brad is really proving himself to be the lowest of the low with his latest stunt of trying to sabotage Finn. Lucas would never be with him! Also, where is Lucas?

Now, Soap Cities readers, vote in our poll below!

Which of these GH couples gets an A+ for all-around fabulousness?

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Discussion23 Comments

      • Suzanne Miazga

        Yes! Hopefully it will change. They got me and a bunch of girls at work watching at lunch each day. Now we never see them.

    • Alexis and Julian-they have took Julian to far to the left! C
      Sam and Jason,no doubt the are a supercouple no one comes close except Laura/Luke A+
      Kiki and Dillion, they need other young adults and get Kiki out of Franco’s butt B
      Liz and Franco,nothing sexy,no chemistry,but RH is trying C
      Jordan and Curtis B
      Hayden and Finn,ME was right,let the fans decide who is a good pair B+
      Ned and Olivia B.
      Laura and Kevin,never be that supercouple who brought in millions B

  1. I can’t believe you gave Alexis & Julian an A. Are you kidding?. He abused her, threatened her, set her up for his crimes, fantasized about killing her then tried to slit her throat.
    The once strong Alexis is now a pathetic shell who boffed her abuser. Come on!

    • Akbi Khan

      Well, you have a good point, Scoma60. But Julian swears Liv was making him do all that awful stuff.

          • Julexis survived an appalling rewrite last year that was meant to destroy them. Turning Julian from three years of loving Alexis without thinking of harming her, even saving her life. Then two weeks later, he was totally rewritten as wanting to kill her. The tremendous backlash is why the past few months have played out the way they do.

            The actors are one major reason why people love them. Mad chemistry, and they both bring emotional intensity to their roles. Not being afraid to play anything. And it’s nice to see that they appreciate each other and their tremendous fanbase. That and being part of the fanbase itself is a lot of fun.

          • Akbi Khan

            It IS fun being part of the #JulexisArmy, isn’t it, Mairzy? 🙂

  2. I can’t believe a B+ for Sam and Jason? Really – who likes to watch PORN on the SOAPS? That first romp was so horrible people had to look away. We do not turn into GH for PORN! And poor Jason just had to lay there and not touch her- while she did all the work ( naturally).
    Who likes to watch rolling around in horse shit…Who likes to watch forced scenes where there is absolutely NO chemistry between the actors at all?
    I do not call that Love in the Afternoon- I call that porn sex for free.

    We want to see couples making it look like they really love each other. That the love they are sharing is real and this is shown by how they touch each other, by how they look at each other, where words aren’t even needed to let you know what they are feeling. That is LOVE..not sex, not PORN, not just getting it on because you have to because the writers said you had to do it.

    • Akbi Khan

      We know what you mean, Truth Teller. That’s why we said we’re glad they’re over the phase we’re the have to constantly being all over each other.

  3. I disagree about what you said about the Jasam first love scene. Alot of people loved that first love scene. I doubt that there were many people that looked away. Yes, it was hot. I know what porn is and that was not porn. You need to rewatch that scene. It had a lot of passion & love. It sounds like the two of you hate Jasam so you’re never going to like anything they do. That love scene was anything but forced and they have so much chemistry. There were very tender moments in that love scene. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way either.

    • Akbi Khan

      We at Soap Cities love Jasam. We are just not that into gratuitous making out and climbing all over each other, which jasam don’t do anymore, and we’re glad. But we do like a well-done love scene, and you’re right, the barn love scene was well-done. It was all the other pawing at each other, kissing constantly, etc. It just felt unnecessary and getting int eh way of story. And again, maybe I’m bitter bc I’m single right now. lol Anyway, they don’t do it much anymore.

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