BREAKING NEWS: Linsey Godfrey Returns to B&B

Linsey Godfrey, Caroline Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful.

The Bold and the Beautiful fan fave is set to return to the CBS sudser.

Casting Whiplash

Whoa, Nelly! It feels like just yesterday we were all wondering what Caroline was doing in NYC for so long and where her portrayer, Linsey Godfrey was. There was a story of her being put on recurring status at B&B, but we still didn’t see her lovely visage onscreen. We barely even heard mention of her name.

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Then Thomas (Pierson Fode) came back to town, said a few words about her and wee Douglas, and then Spectra Sass soon took over his life.

Now he’s with Sally 2.0 (Courtney Hope), as all you B&B fans and Soap Cities readers out there know.

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Not So Fast

Just when Sally and Thomas began working through their issues and seeing what a relationship really looks like for them, as Godfrey said in her Instagram post, which you can see below, “Bum buuummm buuuuuuummmmmm!” Gulp.

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What do you think this is going to mean, readers? How will Sally react to Thomas’ baby mama showing back up in town? Are you excited that Godfrey is coming back? We sure are!

Bum buuummm buuuuuuummmmmm… Caroline is back.. stay tuned 😉

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  1. I am thrilled that Linsey Godfrey is coming back, but I’m a CaRidge fan from the start! I love Caroline and Ridge together. I do like Thomas with Sally and hope that Bold puts Caroline back with Ridge where she should be!!!

    • I like ridge and caroline back together,let thomas find his way with sally caroline is used goods rick,thomas,ridge come on you got her being old news im not one for keeping it in the family its a big turn off ,you just dont want to watch.why dont you take some advise from your viewers they have some great ideas.try would work and post whos idea it was in a episode.lots of good ideas out there .

  2. Hope they do not pair her with Ridge again, that was ridiculous, they had no chemistry at all and he was old enough to be her father. Always FF’d through their story line. Don’t know who they can pair her with this time, really no leading men on there anymore. Also, they need to get another RJ, someone a little more mature, no offense to this one, but he’s just too young looking for the role he is playing.

    • Well carly thats how soap operas go its horriable but its always how it is .brooke was old enough to be all her lovers mother.katie wants eric,if caroline goes with ridge then bill will get pissed so that means war,brooke wont like it and there goes brooke & ridge again they have been unstopiable for many years .

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