An Homage to Jane Elliot: Farewell, Tracy Quartermaine

Jane Elliot, the now ex-Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital.

The iconic General Hospital character and her portrayer, Jane Elliot, bid an emotional goodbye to Port Charles.

Setting the Scene

The long buildup to Elliot’s departure didn’t make the actual episode any less emotional, not by a long shot. As the Quartermaines and Tracy’s other assembled guests gathered in the oft-shown mansion’s living room, the goodbye of one of GH’s most iconic, feisty, and ultimately, human characters began. And what a sendoff it was.

A Stunning Announcement, and Thanksgiving All Over Again

The announcement that Tracy was heading out of Port Charles of course stunned those gathered, along with her proclamation that she was going to sell the treasured Renaissance painting of her likeness that she acquired in Turkey and live off the proceeds–her destination to be determined. Those witnessing the moment included sister-in-law Monica (Leslie Charleson), sons Ned (Wally Kurth) and Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins), Laura (Genie Francis), Lulu (Emme Rylan), Michael (Chad Duell), Olivia (Lisa LoCicero), Kiki (Haley Erin), Finn (Michael Easton), and Hayden (Rebecca Budig). It was indeed fitting how these key Port Charles players took a step back for Tracy to assume center stage. A nice touch, though, that tempered the somber proceedings was the arrival of boxes of pizza, a shout out to Quartermaine Thanksgivings of yesteryear.

As Tracy made her way through the guest list and gave each person her version of a heartfelt goodbye, the final farewell among her immediate family stood out and showed how the still steely and feisty Quartermaine had, though Tracy herself might protest this point, come into her humanity and softened a bit over the years.

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A Final Farewell

As Monica, Ned, and Dillon gathered in the foyer for one last goodbye before Tracy exited the front door, she and the group clasped hands as she declared how she “cherished them all” and walked out the door. An uncomfortable pause fell upon the group with the shutting of the door when, suddenly, Tracy burst in again to envelop them all in one last, tearful group hug. One can only imagine the emotion that welled up in the actors, as well as in their fictional counterparts.

Amsterdam, and One Last Surprise!

The very last scene shifts to Amsterdam, where we first see Tracy in the art dealer’s office as she completes the sale of the painting. Setting this scene in the Dutch city was indeed fitting, as viewers were reminded during the episode’s final montage that Luke (Anthony Geary) had bought Tracy’s diamond engagement ring there. Next, as she walks into a coffee shop to get a much-needed cup of joe after all the events behind her, who should she lock eyes with but a familiar face, sitting at a table across the room. Why Luke, of course. The rumors of his re-visiting GH, albeit for this one moment, came true. And, in a beautifully underplayed, understated but no less powerful scene, he and his beloved ex-wife “Spanky” were drawn together once again. The scene faded, and the long-awaited episode concluded.

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Wrapping It Up

Of course, all (or most!) of us GH viewers will miss Tracy, from everything ranging from her trademark snark, her lovable, quasi-sarcastic laugh (kind of a guffaw, actually), to her more frequent tender moments of late. However, we also can’t help but imagine what new adventures await her–possibly with Luke, possibly without–and can always hope that she will drop into Port Charles again at some point. Until then, safe travels, Tracy. We will miss you dearly, as well as Elliot’s always seamless portrayal of a complex, yet ultimately, lovable woman.

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