10 Fun Facts on General Hospital Star Robert Palmer Watkins

Robert Palmer Watkins, Dillon Quartermaine on General Hospital. Photo courtesy of Soaps In Depth.

Think you know the guy who plays General Hospital‘s affable Dillon Quartermaine? Get to know Robert Palmer Watkins even better!

Southern Charm

Watkins hails from Winston Salem, North Carolina and grew up in Richmond, Virginia.

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Sign of the Twins

Watkins is a Gemini, born on June 18. The sign is represented by the mythical twins Castor and Pollux. Folks born under this sign are said to be intelligent and inclined toward the arts. We at Soap Cities think Watkins indeed fits that bill!

Musically Inclined

Watkins was involved in theater in high school, and was a musical theater major in college. He has lent his formidable singing talents to the Nurses Ball on GH, and to the opening number at this year’s Daytime Emmys!

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Surrounded by Girls, Girls, Girls!

He is the lone boy alongside three sisters.

Other Credits

Though GH is his first soap, Watkins has many other TV credits under his belt, along with web series, and his very own music videos.

Standout Role

Watkins has said that of all the projects that he’s worked on. “My favorite has to be GH. I love my character and it’s been great experience and training as an actor,” he has said.

A Good, Solid Guy!

Of Note: GH storylines we hope they don’t drop.

Watkins has also said that he admires Dillon’s basic goodness. “I like that he’s good at heart. He tries to fight for what he believes in,” the actor noted.

Idol Worship

One of Watkins’ acting idols is actor Jim Carrey, whom he has said he’d love to work with one day.

Dancing Dreams?

Watkins says that he’d be amenable to a turn on Dancing with the Stars! He remarked that, although it would take some practice, he’d be game to try “whatever routine they throw at me!” He has a bit of hip-hop experience under his belt, which helps!

Career Advice

Watkins’ advice to aspiring actors and entertainers? Have a passion for it. “It’s a hard road to being a full-time entertainer, but it’s well worth it, if it’s what you love,” he has said. Sage advice, indeed!

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