To Be Continued? General Hospital Storylines We Hope They Don’t Drop

Don’t leave us hanging, General Hospital!

General Hospital has a host of interesting and intriguing characters, and an equal host of storylines that we hope come out of the shadows and go the distance!

Some Answers for Jake

Finally, GH fans can breathe a sigh of relief now that the back story to Jake’s (Hudson West) time on Cassadine Island is off the backburner and up and running. Soon, we will see what really went down on the island and what’s been affecting the young boy, thanks to a combined effort from Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Jason (Billy Miller) and Franco (Roger Howarth).

There are other GH storylines that have been put on hold that would be exciting, to say the least, if they came to the forefront again eventually. The following come to mind!

A Mysterious Letter Unopened

It was almost two years ago that Luke Spencer (Tony Geary) walked off the Port Charles docks for the last time. However, his one last task was to give his daughter Lulu (Emme Rylan) an envelope marked “Angel,” meant for his beloved ex-wife and Lulu’s mom, Laura (Genie Francis). Laura didn’t divulge the contents of the letter.

Now that Laura’s off to Turkey with Tracy (Jane Elliot) to track down the mysterious painting Tracy’s father supposedly left her, how fun would it be for Laura to open the letter on the jaunt, have it reveal something shocking that coincides with even a brief Tony Geary return for the gals’ adventure? C’mon, Laura! Open that letter and let us in on the contents!

Secrets Lurking, Waiting to Explode

And that brings us to another shelved storyline, this one involving Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) and Nina (Michelle Stafford). There was a time not so long ago when Dr. O confronted Nina and mentioned that she knew quite a few secrets about her. Many fans took this to mean that the oft-repeated rumors that Kiki (Haley Erin) was really her daughter with Silas (ex-Michael Easton) and not Ava’s (Maura West) were true. It’s still speculation, as the show hasn’t yet addressed what Nina’s “secrets” are, or if Obrecht was bluffing. Speaking of the obstreperous Dr. O, what happened to the question of who her son Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) father is? Well, Obrecht killed Victor Cassadine (ex-Thaao Penghlis). whose DNA test proved he wasn’t the daddy, a fact Nathan is blissfully unaware of. Obrecht wants to keep it that way, as she told Victor before his death, “Nathan must believe you are his father, because the truth is far, far worse.” There has been speculation that dear old dad could be Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart). Now that Val’s on the canvas, that certainly would be a bombshell story to introduce.

One Last Thing…

Speaking of Valentin, a recent twist that had viewers intrigued was his bankrolling of scheming Olivia Jerome’s (Tonja Walker) legal defense. Wouldn’t we love to know their connection and how it plays out!

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  1. We really want to know who Kikis mother is.
    Is she Liesls daughter , or someone else who’s been in Port Charles for a long time?
    And Nathan’s father we know is not Victor Cassadine , which that’s a lie , so is Valentin his father or not? Who’s worse than him?
    I’m glad we get to find out what really happened to Jake on Cassadine Island , because he knows about that curse that Helena put on Sam , and could be the one to break it.

  2. Love general hospital but get to the truth about Sonny and Nelle she did not dleep eith Sonny keep Sonny and Carly as a couple she complete him hurry up about who really is Valentin really is and if Nina is Kiki mom who is Lulu daughter let Tray go out and remarry Luke so they leave on a long honeymoon

  3. Belinda Johnson

    U forgot one GH what about the who’s the other quartermaine, that they was looking for? It seems Heather know something?

  4. what about Brad and his marriage to that girl..forgot her name.

    what about Ava and the damn pills?

    what about what happened to Jason on the island?

    to many!

  5. In 1974, Augusta McLeod, R.N. murdered Phil Brewer. At the time she was pregnant with Peter Taylor’s child. (Peter Taylor was a psychiatrist, married to Diana and adopted father of PJ, aka Steven Lars Webber.) Lee Baldwin and his girlfriend at the time, Caroline Chandler, handled the adoption of Augusta and Peter’s child, a boy, in 1975. Whatever happened to that child?

    I would like to see Augusta McLeod (Judith McConnell if possible) to return to GH after 40+ years in prison in search of her son.

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