The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Monday, April 10th: Thomas is Stunned by Sally

“You’re breaking up with me?” in The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, April 10th, predict that Thomas is blindsided and heartbroken!

Actually, Nevermind

When Sally (Courtney Hope) dumps Thomas (Pierson Fode) supposedly because he has a son with another woman, he’s not totally convinced. “What aren’t you telling me,” he asks. Sally looks like she can barely hold back leaping forward into Thomas’ arms and confessing her true feelings, not to mention that she doesn’t care that he has a baby with Caroline (Lindsey Godfrey).

Who knew Aunt Shirley (Patrika Darbo) would be such a Svengali, pulling poor Sally’s puppet strings when she doesn’t want to spy or break with Thomas. It was Sally who wanted to resurrect Spectra Fashions, but then she seemed to part philosophical ways with Aunt Shirley.

Aunt Shirley barks at her Monday, “Right now it is time for Thomas Forrester to GO!…There’s only one thing in this world you can trust. And it ain’t men. It’s money!” Cynical much?

She May Have a Point

Meanwhile, the Spectra crew hits pay dirt when their devious espionage plans pay off. It seems like the Forresters are going to catch on really quick when their designs are ripped off this time. And who’s going to pay, to be the sacrificial lamb for Spectra success, poor, innocent Coco (Courtney Grosbeck). Then RJ (Anthony Trupel) will get even more mixed up in all this, and…oy! What do you think, dear Soap Cities readers? Will Coco get the boot from RJ’s life and Forrester Creations as soon as the Spectras rip off the latest Forrester designs?

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