General Hospital Spoilers, Wednesday, April 26th: Anna Advances Her Plot!

Anna works Valentin in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, April 26th, predict that Anna moves forward with her scheme to catch Valentin.

I Owe You

In her sweetest voice, with a look of doting admiration on her face, Anna (Finola Hughes) tells Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) that in a very real sense, she owes him her life. Valentin looks like he wants to be tough, but is succumbing to Anna’s formidable charms.

Nelle’s Knowledge

In other Cassadine news, Nelle (Chloe Lanier) asks her new employer, Nina (Michelle Stafford), who exactly it is that Nina wants Nelle to spy on. Will it be Lulu or Anna, dear Soap Cities readers? They are, after all, Nina’s biggest foes these days.

Friends Fret

Griffin (Matt Cohen), his head cocked to the side with intense curiosity, asks Andre (Anthony Montgomery) if he thinks Anna’s hiding something. Oh, to be as beautiful as Anna and have handsome men constantly looking out for you! On the other hand, Andre’s a little bit of a busybody when it comes to his buddy, Anna, so maybe it’s not all that easy for the ex-spy.

But, Mom!

Ava (Maura West) is plagued by her guilty conscience. She has a conscience? News to us! Perhaps that is why she doesn’t want Kiki (Hayley Erin) working around anyone with a mental illness–so she won’t be tempted to tamper with their meds too! Kiki beseeches her mom. Working at GH makes her happy, so why can’t Ava get behind it?

Her “conscience” may not be Ava’s biggest problem, though. Lucy (Lynn Herring) feels the pull of her own at times missing but usually present conscience. She wants to confess all she knows about Ava and Morgan’s death!

You Talkin’ To Me?

Mind your manners, Sonny (Maurice Benard)! He tells Bobby (Jacklyn Zeman) that if she has a problem with him, she can just come out and say it.

All’s Fair

Carly (Laura Wright) promises Micahel (Chad Duell) she won’t do anything to Sonny that he doesn’t deserve in her mission to get revenge on him.

She also surprises her eldest son, good ol’ Michael.

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