General Hospital Spoilers, Tuesday, April 4th: Tracy Demands Answers

Tracy gets what Tracy yells in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, April 4th, reveal that Tracy wants some answers–and she usually gets what she wants!

Tell Me–NOW!

In her typical blustery, loud way that we love, Tracy (Jane Elliot) yells at someone, “I want answers, now!” Could it be Lord Larry (Oliver Muirhead) about what he claims to know about a pricey piece of Quartermaine inheritance? Could it be Ned (Wally Kurth) about marrying a gal from Bensonhurst again? Or is it some poor Turkish person who has no idea how overbearing Tracy can be?

That Was Fun!

Jake (Hudson West) is eager to participate in Franco’s (Roger Howarth) “Draw My Life” game. He sees Franco at the hospital and asks him when they can do it again. What with everything all topsy turvy with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Jason (Billy Miller), Sam (Kelly Monaco), and Franco, who knows when or if they’ll get to do that eye-opening psychological exercise again.

Meanwhile, Jason seeks Andre’s (Anthony Montgomery) help in the matter.

Finn Fights

On the Finn (Michael Easton) front, that doctor with a powerful monkey on his back continues to fight for his life. He asks Hayden (Rebecca Budig) why she’s pulling away from him. Elizabeth offers more sympathy to her sister, having been through a similar situation with Lucky.

Questions for Sam

Apparently, there are people aside from Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Ava (Maura West) who still want to know what happened to Julian (Will deVry). Nathan (Ryan Paevey) asks a wide-eyed Sam if Julian ever told her of any plans to run away.

What? Who? How? When?

Carly (Laura Wright) is shocked to see Jax (Ingo Rademacher) at her door. She asks him, breathlessly, “What are you doing here?” as he grins from ear to ear.

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