Days Poll:  Do You Prefer OG or Nu Abby…Could the OG Be Coming Back?

Kate Mansi, ex-Abigail Deveraux, and Marci Miller, the current Abigail, on Days of Our Lives.

Both Kate Mansi and Marci Miller are beloved by fans. But which one do you prefer to play Abigail Deveraux on Days of Our Lives? Take our poll below and let us know. And tell us if you think Kate Mansi’s recent Instagram posts mean anything about a potential Salem future for her?

Kate Mansi’s Abby

Mansi took Abigail from a serious wild child to a devoted mother who engaged in some very understandable vigilante justice when she set Ben Weston on fire. She also had a passionate love affair Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn), of course. Fans are seriously wild about Mansi

Marci Miller’s Abby

Miller took over the role of Abigail after Mansi vacated it last year. She portrays Abby as evolved, mature, enjoying her family and friends and adventures in Salem, but more world-weary and thoughtful. Lots and lots of fans love Miller and her take on this Salem legacy character.

What’s Behind Door Number Three

Some of you may like both Mansi and Miller in the role of Abigail equally, or you may have no preference at all. We want to hear form you too!

Let’s Poll It!

Now, we love both Mansi and Miller, but we want to know which version of Abby all you Days fans out there prefer. So take our poll and let us know!


Mansi took to Instagram recently to post pictures of herself on the Days set. She was there to do a live Facebook chat about the Emmys. But her quizzical look in the second post made us wonder: is she thinking about a return to Days of Our Lives?! How cool would it be if Abigail had an evil twin?! Or just a regular twin!?

See her posts below.

Do you prefer Kate Mansi OG Abby or Marci Miller NuAbby?

This looks familiar ….. thanks for the fb live chat friends !

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Discussion12 Comments

  1. we dont like marci miller she needs to go and leave salem to old and mean to chad she wont let abigail and chad be together and the guy ben wesyern both need to go. get another abigail who will let chad and abigail be together.

    • Kate mansi is mean and cold hearted she decide to leave chad and Thomas without a mother and chad a wife good luck kate what ever you do.Marci miller to young 16yearsold is to young taking on a adult role is not good idea for her she need to go back to Kentucky and finish school

  2. we hate marci miller she is a dork we don’t like her please remove her kate is to old she in her 32yearsold marci miller is to silly and dumd.we want chad recasr and Abigail recast too.Billy Fynn interview was sicken how he wanted to get layed by two girls was sicken and childish and Gabi fired from the shoe if she keeps going after chad bring back casery read for chad

  3. kate mansi please come back we will get mari miller fired she is so stupid and to young 16 year old play adult role is not a good idea.she cant play chad wife we want marci miller fired she did the dumbst thing by divorcing chad.

  4. we love kate mansi she will always be our Abigail in our heart we don’t care for marci miller she looks nothing like our Abigail hiding in the attic was unmature and childish and hiding from chad and Thomas please remove her and Billy FYNN recast both of them.

  5. we don’t like marci miller and Billy Flynn please recast both of them.Bring back kate mansi as our ABBY we want casey to play chad

  6. Frances Montgomery

    Kate Mansi is the perfect Abigail. It’s so HARD to watch Marci Miller play Abby. Especially when Mansi played her so well. I thought well, give her some time.
    Now, we’ve given her some time and she’s no Abigail. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Kate Mansi as Abigail so her story line will be convincing! What a let down it was when you’ve waited so long for the love story ending, only to throw in a new Abby that’s no where near as beautiful as the old Abby! Bad move guys! Its never going to be the same!

  7. New Abby is such a drip ! Can’t stand her slow unemotional talk. Kate mansi was so much better with Chad !

  8. Marci Miller is a great actress but I can’t wrap my head around her playing the role of Abigail. It’s just not a good fit.
    I loved Kate Mansi in that role! It would be great to see her return to the role.

  9. Barbara Bankhead

    Get that little girl off she’s not the real Abigail bring the old Abigail back she don’t play the part of Abigail very well. BRING THE REAL ABIGAIL BACK PLEASE R I MIGHT NOT WATCH AGAIN.

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