Days of Our Lives Spoilers, Thursday, April 20th: Everyone’s Tripp-in’ About Tripp!

Roman roughs up Lucas in the Days of Our Lives spoilers.

The Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, April 20th, predict that Kayla and Tripp grow closer in an unexpected way.

I Do/Don’t Care Whose Son You Are

Out and about in good ol’ Salem, Tripp (Lucas Adams) gets himself into a little pickle, as you can see in the photo above. Well, we can say confidently, dear Soap Cities readers, that we would not want to be on Tripp’s side of that cop move Roman (Josh Taylor) is putting on him, nor the anger Roman is clearly filled with at that moment! Someone else who sympathizes with Tripp is Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), who comes to the young man’s rescue. This strengthens their bond–they are family, after all.

Please, Do Come In

Tripp’s head and heart must be all over the place with all the changes he’s going through. That may be one reason he offers Jade (Gabrielle Haugh)–yes, THAT Jade!–a place to stay. Perhaps Jade will sense that she shouldn’t mess with a Vitali, or perhaps this schemer will just look for a way to con him too. Let’s hope things don’t get too wacky with them. Well…just wacky enough, let’s say, because we do need our soap excitement! What do you think?

A Sibling Chat

Steve (Stephen Nichols) has a little chat with sister Adrienne (Judi Evans). He fills her in on the whole Tripp situation. It’ll be nice for Steve to have his loving sister’s support, what with all the drama this complicated situation has brought into his life.

Hands Off My Grandson!

Salem’s cutest new couple, Gabi (Camila Banus) and Eli (Lamon Archey) go on a date. But it turns out not to be all wine and roses. Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) happens upon them, and she and Gabi have a confrontation. As a result, one of them lands in the hospital. Well, we hope Julie gets someone to hold her earrings before getting into it with Gabi!

Sounds like a violent day in Salem!

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