Chad Duell on His Daytime Emmy Nom, GH Mentors, and More!

General Hospital star Chad Duell, who plays Michael Corinthos.

What’s it like to star on a hot soap, be a Daytime Emmy winner and a nominee again this year? General Hospital‘s Chad Duell gave the scoop!

Another Win on the Horizon?

“It’s always cool to be nominated,” Duell (Michael Corinthos) told Outtakes Laurie Baker of his 2017 Daytime Emmy nod in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor. Hear the full audio below.

“I was sitting at home with my dog and found out suddenly!” This will be Duell’s fifth nomination, and if he takes home the award, it will be his second win, as he won in the same category in 2015.

“My girlfriend (Courtney Hope, Sally Spectra, B&B) is on The Bold and the Beautiful, so I will go with her. It’ll be her first Emmy ceremony, too,” the actor said.

Duell expressed his gratitude for being nominated again this year. “I am very blessed and honored to represent General Hospital. I have to soak it in as much as I can,” he said.

Heavy Scene Submissions

The scenes that Duell submitted for Emmy consideration were indeed intense. “The first one was where Michael was sitting by Sabrina’s (Teresa Castillo) bedside after she was killed,” he began. “The other two were when Michael found out that Morgan (Bryan Craig) had died, and when he was in the midst of the grieving process and blamed Kiki (Haley Erin) for Morgan’s death.”

Duell said that choosing scenes was difficult. “I am my own toughest critic,” he said. “I’m very particular about whether a scene I do is worth showing. Certain scenes stand out.”

Standout Storyline and Guidance along the Way

Duell said that so far, the storyline that he’s most proud of is when Michael was raped in prison. “It was very challenging, but the most rewarding in the seven years I’ve been on the show,” he said.

As for on set mentors, Duell said that Steve Burton (ex-Jason Morgan) took him under his wing when he first started on the show. “He was a godsend to me on set,” Duell said. “Now that I am nominated in the same category [for an Emmy]as he is, it’s really cool.”

A Big Heart

What does Duell like most about his character? “I like how [well]-rounded he is and his big heart–how he takes care of people, which I can relate to, because I like to do that, too.”

Duell did say that Michael could perhaps use some lessons so as not to be so gullible, especially in the romance department. “He’s more of a pushover than I am, and a little blind when it comes to situations with women. All in all though, he’s fun to play.”

Keep the Acting Fire Burning

What would Duell tell aspiring actors? “I would say that it’s so important to have passion–it’s the strongest thing you can hold on to, to keep that fire going,” he stressed. “Take acting classes, perform in trade or independent films. If you have it burning inside of you, it can take you places.”

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