BREAKING NEWS: Roger Howarth GH Future Uncertain!

Roger Howarth, Franco Baldwin on General Hospital. Photo courtesy of Michael Fairman.

Haven’t we been here before? An industry publication has news of a possible non-renewal of Roger Howarth’s contract at General Hospital.

Stay or Go?

Howarth’s contract is up for renegotiation, and apparently the parties involved have come to an impasse, reported Jamey Giddens of Daytime Confidential.

“I’ve learned popular General Hospital actor Roger Howarth (Franco Baldwin) and the soap are having a hard time ironing out a new contract,” said Giddens.

‘”They haven’t made a deal, and the show won’t be able to keep playing him until they do!” says one person in the know,”‘ added Giddens.

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  1. All I have to say is to renew is contract him and Elizabeth make a great couple and what he is doing with Jake is a very terrific story that I see helping Jake and Elizabeth so all I ask is to renew is contract .

  2. I swear sometimes it seems they don’t care what viewers/fans think…
    I’m watching over 50 years… such a disappointment. .
    the jason/steve Burton thing showed me a lot.
    and as good as billy miller is and I do like him, Steve played jason since he’s a kid.
    .Billy is great on his own but the jason role is very different. Point is, that was about a contract issue as well.
    Without viewers, they don’t have a show …so why don’t they care enough to give us what we want.
    Now it’s another contract issue with Roger. I’m sure they’ll do what THEY want….. Smh

  3. Great! Have Franco leave town when Elizabeth can’t commit to him because she finds herself still in love with Jason. Franco says he has had his heart broken one too many times (Carly, Ava, Nina, Liz) and so he leaves to study art in Paris. Of course, a few weeks later Todd Manning returns to Port Charles and resumes his AMAZING chemistry with Carly….or anyone!

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