Why We Love Laura and Kevin on General Hospital

KevLaur, a GH couple as strong as Kevlar–and one of them even survived a gunshot recently!

General Hospital‘s Kevin and Laura, a Port Charles icon and and a prominent shrink in town, are a relatively new couple on the scene that we love. Why? Well, there are many reasons, but we listed a few below!

Like a Fine Wine, They’ve Aged Well

Laura (Genie Francis) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) have learned from past relationship mistakes, and they started this romance with a fresh, savvy perspective. Being older and wiser has its advantages here.

Unconditional Love Overcomes a Tangled Web

KevLaur, as fans have named them, love and accept each other, past histories and all. And those two do have quite the histories between them, what with Laura’s oft-tumultuous romances with Luke Spencer (Tony Geary) and then Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner), who ironically ended up romancing Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring), Kevin’s ex-wife.

Keeping it Fresh

These two have a sense of playfulness that keeps things fresh and fun between them. Who can forget Laura donning a fur coat with nothing underneath to surprise her man? And let’s not forget Kevin dressing up as Santa for the GH Christmas party for the kids.

Help in Times of Need

KevLaur is there for each other. Laura helped nurse Kevin back to health after he was shot on Cassadine Island, after trailing Laura there to help in the search for Nikolas. And, Kevin has returned the favor by being a source of great support for Laura during her daughter Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) custody battle with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart). It always helps to have a psychiatrist as a boyfriend to bounce things off of!

So far, despite a few bumps in the road to romance, it’s been pretty much smooth sailing between these two. We think that this pairing could go the distance. KevLaur forever! ! It certainly will be interesting to see how these two progress!. So far, they are taking it slow and steady–and that’s something else they have working in their favor.

So, dear Soap Cities readers, what do you think of these two?

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  1. Love this couple! I had not watched GH for several years, caught an episode with the 2 of them and I have been watching ever since. Wish we saw more of them on screen! They need to put Jon Lindstrom on contract and give these 2 a story. They shine

  2. Genie Francis has always been a TREASURE for GH. I am not sure TPTB have ever truly understood that for most of us it was Laura… Laura was the reason we loved LnL so very, very, very much. Being a die hard Laura and Luke fan I never appreciated ANY pairing they tried with Tony Geary’s Luke when they chose to have Laura off canvas, and kept Genie out of work. Not one of them rang true, seemed real…. but alas… Pair the incredible Genie Francis’ (who could sell me absolutely anything) Laura, with another, as intriguing interesting GH vet in Jon Lindstrom’s Kevin Collins.. and WALA.. I am hooked beyond hooked. I LOVE these two… or should I say 4.. both Genie and Jon’s working relationship, and Laura and Kevin. FINALLY a HEALTHY, ADULT, MUTUAL RESPECTFUL relationship in Port Charles. Finally a man who is GOOD.. who gets the girl! Finally a man worthy of a real woman’s love… ahhh… I can’t even tell you how much I enjoy this pairing. Genie and Jon are killing it. Laura and Kevin are so sincere, and fun, and happy, sexy, mature in all the right ways… and a wonderful diversion.. true love in the afternoon… as the slogan used to say. Such a breath of fresh air from the gangsters with a heart of gold crap that has all but killed what was once MUST see TV…. by 30 million people. I just hope TPTB truly understand what they have in this pairing, and stop using them for plot points in other characters stories and give them true material deserving of their talent and experience. I mean seriously they wrote an emmy real for Tony Geary every single year…. Genie deserves NOTHING less!!! Jon’s no slouch either… make these actors work! And thanks Genie and Jon for making GH worth my time once again!

  3. Give us Laura*Kevin, they’ve not been shown together nor have they had a storyline or any romance at all in like 4ever. I’ve seen every couple on #GH get loads of scenes with loads of sexy scenes and are on almost every day but not Laura*Kevin. You wouldn’t even know they were in a romance let alone dating. TPTB are ridiculous to not be using these two fabulous actors at front and center on the show. They bring comedy,sexiness,fun,real genuine affection and are a lot more entertaining then watching the mob or couples sleeping around with other people! Kevin brings the best out in Laura and although she’s strong she needs him a lot more then she lets on! They should have Kevin cook for Laura and have a romantic dinner,take a bubble bath together,go dancing! They make every scene so enjoyable you don’t want it to end! I’m hoping for them to become more committed to each other this year and really show their love grow for one another that they can’t live without each other. Theirs no reason they shouldn’t have their own storyline and lots of romance,fans have been begging for this for months and months. Stop bringing in newbies and use the wonderful talent you already have!

  4. What a surprise this coupling was. The chemistry between Kevin and Laura was off the charts!!! So nice to see a mature couple falling in love. It shows how much more they have found in each other. The actors are doing such a great job of portraying it. They can show their love for each in just their eye movements. Keep them together and give them a bigger story. They deserve it. Kevin and Laura FOREVER!!!

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