Two of B&B’s Founding Personalities Dish on 30 Glamorous Years!

Brad Bell and Katherine Kelly Lang

The Bold and the Beautiful star Katherine Kelly Lang and Executive Producer Bradley Bell expounded on where the sudser’s been, where it’s going, and lots more, in a fun, revealing interview!

Wherefore Art Thou, KKL?

Bell seemed vexed by the idea that Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan) isn’t on the show “24-7.” He said the show always has her front and center, in an interview with veteran soap journalist, Nelson Branco for the Toronto Sun.

Lang had a different approach to the topic. She said writing for Brooke is probably a challenge because “everything’s already happened to her.” Kinda true! She mentioned a desire to work with Rena Sofer (Quinn Forrester) more often, and a hope the show would focus more on her intellect than her wacky love life.

“I liked it more when she was more business-minded instead of her being in triangles with men. She was smart at one time. She needs to use that side of her brain more,” Lang said.

Other Faves in Jeopardy?

Though fans may go a few days without seeing a favorite actor on-screen, Bell said that because they can only do justice to so many stories in a half-hour episode each day, this is inevitable.

“It’s all about driving a story. It might appear our canvas takes turns but one story paves the way for another story…But if you want to tell a Maya (Karla Mosley) story, it’s at the expense of a Brooke story. It’s all give and take,” he said.

Looking Down and Smiling

Because the show has maintained its focus–the lives of the dramatically fashionable set in LA–Bell says its creator, his father, the late William J. Bell, would be pleased with where the show is today.

He’d be thankful we’re still on the air! And that many of the characters we conceived in the ‘80s are still thriving. We really haven’t veered too far off the original blueprint,” Bell said.

We have to agree. It’s remarkable to watch the debut episode of B&B and see how showrunners have maintained its original focus and feel.

Sorry, Not Going There

When asked if B&B, one of the most popular TV shows in the world, would ever expand to one hour, Bell had a blunt response.

“Yes, that’s not happening,” he said.

“It would be scary to expand to an hour. Also, Brad works better in the half-hour realm, which I think is one reason for our success—especially in Europe,” Lang opined.

Well, Bell and Lang, just because something’s scary, doesn’t mean you don’t do it. Wink, wink; nudge, nudge.

Wish List

As for B&B’s future, Bell had a wonderfully soapy, inspiring response.

“I want to continue pushing boundaries and I want to reinvent the genre. It’s a great time for TV right now–we’re in our heyday,” he said. How refreshing to hear someone say TV is in its prime NOW.

He also said the addition of plenty of young talent to the show felt almost like “a rebirth.”

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