Tracy and the Mysterious Letter–Will Luke Have to Come to Her Rescue?

Will Lord Larry cause so much drama for Tracy that Luke has to rescue her?

Last week Tracy got a letter from her bottom-feeding ex-husband, “Lord” Larry Ashton. She laughed it off–but could it be something truly serious for Tracy, and a big storyline for Jane Elliot?

Lord Larry Strikes Again

There’s never been any love lost between General Hospital‘s Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) and her scheming ex-husband, Lord Larry Ashton (Hugo Napier), who it turned out, wasn’t really an authentic English lord. So when Tracy received a letter from Lord Larry imploring her to address “a matter of extreme importance” with him, Tracy assumed it meant that he needed money and tore up the missive. The last time they crossed paths in Mexico, Lord Larry had her indulge in some questionable substance with him that subsequently left her life in peril when she returned to Port Charles, requiring hospitalization and a slow recovery. Indeed, Tracy thought she was long rid of him so what could this “extremely important matter” be? The only thing that they share–and perhaps the only good thing that resulted from their marriage–is their son, Ned (Wally Kurth).

Lurking in the Shadows

Soap Cities brought you the news that Jane Elliot is leaving her longtime role in the spring, so this storyline could well be ushering her out of Port Charles. The matter of importance in the letter is anyone’s guess, yet it’s a good bet that it involves intrigue of some sort. Ashton has ties to many villainous folks who’ve passed through Port Charles: the Cassadines and Cesar Faison to name two. Helena Cassadine is presumed dead, but of course she’s risen from the ashes before, and Faison is currently residing in parts unknown with his daughter Britt. So, both of those characters could easily resurface and pose a threat to Tracy, thanks to Ashton.

 A Lost Love to the Rescue?

And then, of course, we must bring up the other side of this coin, Luke Spencer, (Anthony Geary) who’s not been seen in Port Charles since his exit almost two years ago. A dream goodbye (though admittedly a long shot) for Tracy would be beloved ex-hubby Luke coming to save her from Ashton’s clutches, and riding off into the proverbial sunset together. Tearing up the letter is not going to put this “matter of extreme importance” to rest. Expect Lord Ashton to show up at the Quartermaine mansion, or for Tracy to be summoned to him in some way.

 Proceed with Extreme Caution

One thing is for sure. Larry’s dubious associations and his shady agendas should have Tracy watching her back very, very carefully.

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