The Three Reasons Soap Cities Believes Arianne Zucker Left Days

Arianne Zucker will leave Days of Our Lives in late April.

Early this week Arianne Zucker shocked Days of Our Lives fans when she announced she’s leaving the show. Here’s what we at Soap Cities think may be behind her decision to do so.

One: Thespian Wanderlust

Zucker cited a desire to explore acting opportunities apart from Days of Our Lives (Days) as the primary reason for her departure from the show.

“I just want to go off and try new things,” Zucker told Soap Opera Digest (SOD) in its latest issue (March 13th).

Her management is actively looking for gigs for the talented actor.

Two: A Lack of Front-burner Storylines in Salem

The show hasn’t provided Nicole with enough meaty storylines of her own, said Zucker as she reflected on her departure from the NBC sudser. Her flawed but fabulous Salem heroine also has had a bummer of a life lately, and that left Zucker dissatisfied. Nicole finally got the daughter she wanted, only to have her snatched away by Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and then have to deal with Deimos’ (Vincent Irizarry) antics in the wake of dumping him.

“It did factor in, not having a full-blown story…I think listening to the fans, too, and their disappointment over how this character has been written and pushed aside and slapped around…” Zucker said.

Three: Loyalty to Her Partner

Zucker is in a relationship with former Days star Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel Jonas). Christian’s Daniel died in a  horrific drunk driving car accident last year. Christian didn’t opt to leave, Zucker said with what sounded to us like some residual anger.

“He was fired…He did not leave of his own accord. I was not happy about that,” Zucker said.

A Possible Return?

“If I can come back, and they want to make it work, it’s up to them. It’s their choice to make it work, not mine,” Zucker said of her openness to a return to the show she called home for almost 20 years.Zucker fans, like us here at Soap Cities, can take heart! We might see Nicole back on our screens one day.

And don’t forget–we’ll continue to see the actress in Salem for a while. Her contract doesn’t expire until late April, and Days tapes six months in advance of when it airs. So that makes for a last Nicole scene/seen date around late October.

Missed Opportunity–or Swan Song Storyline?

Days Executive Producer Ken Corday dished on what changes we can expect in Salem with the arrival of new Head Writer Ron Carlivati in the February 27th issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Expect to see more of Eric and Nicole under new Days head writer Ron Carlivati.

Corday said Carlivati intended to put several Salem legacy characters, including Nicole, front and center. He also said there will be “a huge murder-mystery story in Salem starting in June,” a whodunit with an unexpected but satisfying climax in September.

Will Nicole now be written out of it (if she was ever in it), or will it be the storyline to send her off with a bang? What do you think, dear Soap Cities readers?

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  1. I always thought Shawn Chistian left of his own accord! Whatever…If he didn’t, it kinda makes sense that Ari would be pissed off. However, if HE made the choice to leave, then it makes no sense that she would be upset! And, why would she leave a job just because her boyfriend left/got fired? That’s certainly not a choice I would make!!

    It would be nice if there were actual “FACTS” available as to what really happened!

    Shawn has acted in many other shows, and has a varied resume, but Arianne hasn’t been in that many shows other then DOOL, so I hope she doesn’t regret her decision. To quit a show that you’ve been on for so many years, and you have a regular paycheck with, is pretty risky!

    Maybe she’s not worried about a paycheck?!?

    I love Ari, and I hate to see her go! I just hope she’s doing it for the right reasons!

  2. Akbi Khan

    Shawn definitely didn’t leave of his own accord, it turns out. And Ari did say her main concern is supporting her daughter, and she’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

    But I’ve always wondered how actors bring themselves to leave soaps. Regular paychecks aren’t exactly easy to come by when you’re an actor, as you pointed out, SallyZ.

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