Soap Star Jensen Buchanan Faces Possible Jail Time

Jensen Buchanan in court. Photo courtesy of Janene Scully/Noozhawk.

Daytime star Jensen Buchanan is set to leave showbiz in the wake of her arrest on DUI charges last May.

A Change in Course

Facing possible jail time for a DUI, soap vet Buchanan (OLTL, AW, ATWT, Y&R, GH) is set to quit her soap career to become an alcohol & drug counselor.

In May 2016, Buchanan crossed a double-yellow line on a California highway, colliding with another car. She and the other driver were taken to the hospital. While she suffered “minor injuries,” the driver she hit received “major injuries,” according to Noozhawk.

“She faces several charges, including felony driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury, and felony driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 percent or greater. She also is charged with causing great bodily injury to Bradley Asolas, 56, of Camarillo [California], and an allegation her blood-alcohol level exceeded .15 percent,” reported Noozhawk.

Two Sides at Odds

At a hearing Wednesday to have her case continued until April 5th, lawyers for both sides made strong statements about their beliefs about what her sentence should be.

“It is the people’s position this is a case where the defendant deserves to go to prison based on the egregious facts of the case…and the ultimate consequences for the victim,” Deputy District Attorney Tiffany Dix said.

One of Buchanan’s attorneys, meanwhile, argued passionately in her favor.

Dmitry Gorin said that Buchanan has no criminal history and that she had completed inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation treatment. She had also been a model patient in those programs, Gorin added.

“She’s done an exemplary job in treatment. This type of incident will never happen again,” Gorin said. “This is the type of person that’s deserving of a probation sentence.”

An Impressive Daytime Resume

Buchanan most memorably played kind and caring Sarah Gordon on One Life to Live, and twins Vicky and Marly on Another World. She also had roles on Another World, As the World Turns, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless.

The actress was nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

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  1. I am the GUY SHE HIT! And my life is FOREVER RUINED because she chose to drink and drive. I am in constant pain and face the possibility of needing a heart transplant one day. I was healthy and active before this accident and now I have a death sentence hanging over my head, and a body that no longer functions the way I would like it to or need it to. I no longer can do any of the things I used to do and my life has been cut short because of her DRUNK DRIVING! She, on the other hand will be able to live out her life to the fullest when this is done. I DON’T HAVE THAT LUXURY!

    • WOW, I do not even know how to respond to Mr. Asolas. I have been following this wondering how it would turn out. But if I could ask Ms. Buchanan a question, it would be”how can you be any kind of counselor when you will not completely own up to what you did wrong?” For Mr. Asolas, I pray you find doctors that are miracle workers. For Ms. Buchanan, I pray you find a better path in life.

  2. I understand the frustration when someone is hurt by another person who did not make some precautions to avoid the circumstance. Whatever the situation, it is always necessary safety measures at work, school, or driving in our roads. When the problem involves drugs or alcohol it is harder to find an excuse for the offender especially if the person is an adult. Concerning Jensen Buchanan, she made a mistake but this does not make her a “Monster” like many people label her. Her idea on that day is to get home peacefully and safe, like many other drivers that drink in a bar or party. Is she the only person in this world who drank and got the car and drove it, on that day? Of course not, so why to crucify her? She hit another car is a fact but she never refused to give the proper assistance or to go to court and proceed with her responsibilities. I am so sorry about the victim, it could be any of us, but we have to understand that Mrs. Buchanan did not intentionally target anyone. She did not have any plan to hurt or cause any pay to the victim. Now, we have two families that are suffering and it is sad but punishing Mrs. Buchanan will not change the situation of the victim. Mrs. Buchanan is a lovely person. My wife worked for her for 12 years as a housekeeper and Jensen as we call her always showed love and compassion for everyone, even animals during all these 20 years that we know her. She helped a lot our family when we needed her. She did things to us that friends and family would never do it if we ask for. I personally consider Jensen Buchanan as a sister and I never found someone so interested to help people like her. I hope that the justice be merciful on her because she deserves mercy like she is always merciful with others. Many people when get close to her always has the intention to obtain the best that she has, which is her heart. Most of them left her alone when they get what they want. She was betrayed many times and it did not change the good and great person that she is. She is doing her best to make the things straight and we have to give her a chance to turn this page in her life. My prayers for both families will continue until this situation is over. I wish the best for both families.

    • I think you are right. She seems to have owned up to what she did & has terrible remorse. I think it is time for all to move on.

  3. It sucks that this happened I do feel sorry for the victim whats done is done she can be a counselor because she did this horrible thing and she can counsel others on the fallout of this and how to not be like her make her mistakes as to the victim im sorry that this happened but in order to find peace I know you gonna hate this but you have to try and forgive and that is a big step and be a spokes person you could stop people from making future mistakes. I pray for your healing.

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