Soap Cities Poll: Who Should Devon Be With on Y&R?

You divide who Devon should be with on The Young and the Restless.

In daytime, fan opinion reigns supreme. So, we want to know, Soap Cities readers, with whom do you think Devon Hamilton should be on The Young and the Restless–if anyone?

Devon and Hillary–Begone!?

It seems like even Devon (Bryton James) and Hillary (Mishael Morgan) are getting tired of each other, as they’ve moved forward with their divorce. It also seems like forever ago that Hillary woke up from her coma a new, not-so-nice woman. Since then Devon’s been back and forth with her on this relationship see-saw, which has made a lot of people, including them, apparently, queasy.

On the other hand, we can’t deny these two have chemistry. And it’s always nice to see two hot people make a sum even hotter than its parts!

The De-vawn of a New Era?

Speaking of chemistry, it’s not hard to sense it between Devon and Mariah (Camryn Grimes). Rumor has it these two may really make a go of it, now that Devon is a free agent.

And some of you undoubtedly feel that’s good not only for Devon, but for Mariah. She seems to have finally sent off the Kevin ship, watching it sail away with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) on board. If she’s finally opening up to a relationship, someone who can appreciate her dry, witty take on life, we might just break into our Y&R happy dance (to a club remix of “Nadia’s Theme,” of course) as some of you probably will too.

One Doesn’t Have to Be Such a Lonely Number

There is, of course, the option for Devon to be alone. Yes, single life isn’t the soapiest thing in the world, but it can be a mature, rational choice for any adult. A little time alone could give Devon the chance to regroup and figure out what he wants in a partner and in life.

Do Devon’s Relationships Induce Yawns?

Now, we love Devon, but we understand that some of you Y&R fans and Soap Cities readers out there may just not care all that much what happens in Devon’s love life. There are lots of other juicy stories happening on the Y&R canvas these days, and you might just want to see those pursued.

So go ahead and cast your votes below, whichever way you think Devon’s amorous antics should head!

Who Should Devon Be With?

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  1. I like Devon with Marish and I say she is better and they are fantastic together , don’t care for hillary with Devon she just going hurt him, I have this feeling that the show will put Devon back with Hillary if they do this I would like to see Marish come up pregnant and keep the child so Hillary will have to deal with it😇

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