Jake Spencer’s Secrets: What do They Hold?


By Chris Chagaris

What happened to Jake Spencer on Cassadine Island?

The mystery surrounding Jake Spencer’s time on Cassadine Island began to unravel this week on General Hospital.

All’s Not Well That Ends Well

Until now, Jake Spencer (Hudson West) seemed to have emerged pretty seamlessly from the emotional shell that encased him upon his return from Cassadine Island. (And, it could be said upon his return to the living.) All seemed well and happy with Liz’s (Rebecca Herbst) son until his recent talk about a curse that Helena put on Sam (Kelly Monaco).

Then, after Liz showed him a picture on her phone of Sam’s new baby Emily–Jake’s half sister–he uttered the ominous phrase, “Never forget, Jake, never tell,” while seemingly in a momentary trance. Liz and Franco (Roger Howarth) were naturally dumbstruck by this utterance. The fact that he said that he couldn’t remember anything that Helena had told him when he was on the island left them further puzzled. What could he have meant by this?

Lots of Questions, Few Answers

The mystery deepens because despite Franco’s subsequent successful attempt to draw Jake out with a little harmless and fun art therapy earlier this week, the boy suddenly became sullen and drew a door with a window. What could that mean?

Well, we know that treachery was (or, maybe is still, as a supposedly-dead Helena previously has been known to rise from the proverbial ashes) Helena’s stock-in-trade. We also know that Helena hated the Spencers, and of course Jake is a Spencer via his adoptive father, Lucky. It could not have been a pleasant experience, to put it mildly, for young Jake to have been held captive on that island at the hands of Helena and her minions. Time and some gentle cajoling from Franco’s art therapy expertise will yield the answers that he and Liz are desperate to uncover. Helena obviously exerted considerable influence over the boy during his time on the island. Perhaps there is more to this supposed curse than is known? Or, maybe there are more skeletons in the Cassadine family closet than we are familiar with?

The End Game

The answers to this mystery will no doubt come slowly, yet they will come. It’ll be intriguing to see how they affect Liz’s now stable and happy life with her kids and Franco–and, most important, how these repressed memories will affect Jake in the long run. If Helena is indeed dead, her negative influence lives on and it will take a powerful force indeed to put it to rest once and for all.

What do you think that force will be, Soap Cities readers? Also…

Do you think Franco is qualified to help Jake?

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