Ian Buchanan Teases Return to GH

Ian Buchanan teased viewers about Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital.

A video posted to General Hospital‘s official Facebook page made our jaws drop when we saw Ian Buchanan talking about what’s to come on the ABC sudser, especially in light of Tuesday’s episode!

You Never Know Indeed

In the video, which you can see in full below, Buchanan (ex-Duke Lavery) encouraged viewers to make sure to tune in to GH, Wednesday, March 8th.

“You never know who might show up,” the dashing actor said.

This is Soapland we’re talking about, so literally anything is possible…even the soul of a dead man inhabiting his son’s body!

Yes, Olivia, It’s Me

Liv (Tonja Walker) knocked Griffin (Matt Cohen) out and squirreled him away to the eerie underbelly of GH. There she told him during her life in fake-death exile over the past couple decades, she studied what every major world faith had to say about life after death.

Using what seemed to be an amalgam of principles and techniques from these spiritual paths she studied, Liv “cleansed” Griffin of his own soul to make room for that of Duke. She said Duke, the love of her life, had been unable to rest in peace because he never got justice for his murder. His soul, she said, haunts the hospital, where he died.

Anna (Finola Hughes) interrupted Liv’s magical interlude with Griffin, and they had a scuffle. The next thing we know, Griffin appeared behind Liv and claimed to, yes, be Duke.

But That’s Not All!

And now Ian Buchanan may be on Wednesday’s episode!

What can it all mean, dear Soap Cities readers?

Just last week Nathan Varni lamented the fact that ex-GH Head Writer Ron Carlivati had written Ian Buchanan’s Duke off the show. He said he’d welcome Buchanan’s return in some form. Could this be it? Could it be permanent?

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