How You Can Help Days Star Maria Tornberg Recover From a Terrible Trauma

Days of Our Lives star Maria Tornberg.

We saw her recently on Days of Our Lives as the tough Agent Reznik, but now Maria Tronberg is dealing with some real-life drama that fans can help her heal from.

Breaking In

Tornberg was in her home when an intruder tried to break the door down. To escape, she jumped from a window. She landed on concrete, shattering both heels, breaking both hands, and fracturing a vertebrae, according to a post on her Go Fund Me account.

She is now in the hospital recovering from her injuries. She will be wheelchair-bound for several months, and as many of us can relate to, her medical bills are high. They continue to mount as she looks at physical rehab to achieve a full recovery.

Go Fund Her

Tornberg’s Go Fund Fund Me account, linked above, is very close to achieving its goal. Just a few more donations and she’s there. Let’s pitch in, Soap Cities readers, to show some love to a daytime actor who has brought some soapy fabulousness to our lives!

Some Background on the Actress

“My name is Maria Tornberg. For you who know me, know me as a person full of energy. How hard I work and how much I’ve accomplished. I am a self taught photographer, and have acted in several movies and TV shows like Super Troopers, 2 1/2 Men and Days Of Our Lives. I never sit still. I left Sweden and family behind at the age of fifteen to follow my dreams to be an artist and never stopped moving,” the actress shared on her Go Fund Me page.

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