Get One Step Closer to Knowing What Liv Jerome’s Deal Is on GH

It’s so nice to meet you, Dr. Munro! I was obsessed with your father. Wanna get coffee?

We’re so close to knowing what exactly Liv Jerome is doing back in Port Charles, we can almost taste it!

The Past Reaches Into the Present

Given her disturbingly colorful past in Port Charles, that could mean a lot of things, right Soap Cities readers?

“She’s looking for the chance to correct some mistakes from the past,” General Hospital (GH) Co-Head writer Shelly Altman told Soap Opera Digest in its latest print edition (March 13th).

Of course, “correcting mistakes” for good ol’ Liv seems to mean making lots more of them to pile on top of the old ones!

The week of March 6th-10th will be an illuminating one for GH fans, as we’ll get to see what’s driving Liv’s psychotic rampage through Port Charles.

Hostages and Hotties

Though neither Altman nor her co-scribe Jean Passanante said the actual words, it sounds to us like Liv is going to kidnap Robin (Kimberly McCullough). Then, in a classic soap move, she’ll tell her literal captive audience everything she’s done and plans on doing.

“It was a bit of a tricky thing to play, but I think the overall tone was, you know, ‘Let’s not push this person to the edge. Let’s listen to her spiel and then figure out how to get to her,” McCullough said of her interaction with Liv.

Then, of course, Liv has to process coming into contact with Griffin (Matt Cohen). He is, after all, the son of the love of her life, Duke.

“She considers Duke her No. 1 love,” Passanante said. “That’s partly why she made Julian her victim, because she knows he was responsible for Duke’s death. So, coming upon somebody that she discovers is his son puts her plans into orbit, basically. It creates an opportunity for her that she hadn’t considered.” So Liv is a schemer who can also think on her feet!

A Tantalizingly Tangled Web

We have to say, this is all very exciting. No one plays a kidnapping victim like McCullough. And if Robin is kidnapped, that means Anna isn’t going to be far behind, kicking butt and taking names, which is always a hoot. It’ll also be nice to see Griffin in a meaty storyline of his own, and we love his chemistry with Walker. And, Walker, for her part, makes any story she plays eminently watchable. This woman could make taking a nap entertaining!

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