General Hospital Spoilers, Tuesday, March 14th: What Did Helena Do To Jake?

Elizabeth is concerned for Jake in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, March 14th, foretell that while the town’s been preoccupied with Liv-related mayhem, something sinister has been lurking just beneath.

An Impressionable Mind

Jake (Hudson West) last week asked Franco (Roger Howarth) if Sam were going to be OK after Liv (Tonja Walker) threw her over a bridge, inducing labor in the icy upstate New York outdoors. The boy then mentioned he had a bad feeling about Sam (Kelly Monaco) and the wellbeing of the baby, because of the curse Helena put on the new mother. Tuesday, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) frets over what Helena did to poor Jake while he was her captive on Cassadine Island.

I’m Going to Make Her Pay

Carly (Laura Wright) kneels at Morgan’s grave Tuesday. In the dark, in the snow-covered cemetery, she tells Morgan she finally knows who did this to him. “This” being planting the bomb that ended his young life. Now this is Carly we’re talking about, so knowing is truly only half the battle. Doing something about the knowledge is the other. Good luck to Carly, as Liv is a formidable competitor. Of course, when Carly finds out Ava (Maura West) started Morgan’s downward spiral in motion by switching his meds, she’s going to want to make her pay too!

What Do You Really Want?

Andre (Anthony Montgomery) tells Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) he misses the two of them, a couple, together. Jordan looks on half excited, half confused. She does have feelings for Curtis (Donnell Turner) as well, after all. Tuesday, Curtis doubts Andres true intentions. Of course, he could just want to make sure he keeps the door open for him and Jordan by keeping Andre far away from it!

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