General Hospital Spoilers, Thursday, March 30th: Jason Does What He Must for Jake

Jason talks to Sam about his concerns for Jake in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, March 30th, predict that Jason takes action in the Jake situation, as most fathers in his position would!

Keeping Jake Safe

Curled up on the couch with Sam (Kelly Monaco), Jason (Billy Miller) tells her that he thinks Jake (Hudson West) may be in serious trouble. So, he decides to take some decisive action where his son is concerned. Family means everything to Jason, and he’s always there for his loved ones. Jake may live apart from Jason, but that doesn’t mean he’s not as fiercely protective of him as he is of his other children.

Flowers and Friendship

Franco (Roger Howarth) brings Nina (Michelle Stafford) a belated wedding present: a lovely bouquet. He wishes her all the happiness in the world. But he also wants her advice. He’s smarting from Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) reneging on their moving-in decision. Nina knows him well, so she’ll likely have some wise words for him.

Help at the Hospital

Elizabeth too needs advice, for she never meant to hurt Franco so much that he walked out on the spot when she told him moving in together at this time wasn’t the best idea. Kiki (Hayley Erin) is there for a troubled Elizabeth at GH. Kiki tells Elizabeth that she calls the shots, not Jason.


Hold Up

In the most out-of-the-blue hostage situation we can recall lately, the masked gunman at The Floating Rib continues to hold the bar hostage, promising no one will get hurt if no one moves. He clutches Ava (Maura West) as she squirms, and Lucy (Lynn Herring) looks on in fright. Does this have something to do with Lucy having Morgan’s pills in her possession? What do you think, Soap Cities readers?

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