General Hospital Spoilers, Thursday, March 23rd: Franco Shares His Concern For Jake With Liz

Franco tells Elizabeth what’s on Jake’s mind in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, March 23rd, predict that Franco and Liz talk about what he’s learned concerning little Jake’s troubles.

Franco Feels for Jake

Since they met, Franco (Roger Howarth) and Jake (Hudson West) have shared a special bond. Thus, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) was right to want to use Franco’s friendship with her son to get to the bottom of what Helena did to him while she kept him captive on Cassadine Island. So far, Franco has unearthed some troubling clues. He shares them with Liz tomorrow. She is very grateful and tells Franco she doesn’t know what she, or Jake, would do without him. Franco’s pleased by this.

So We Meet Again

Now it’s all out in the open about Liv (Tonja Walker) being behind Morgan’s death. Sonny’s toyed with killing Liv himself, then stopped Carly (Laura Wright) from making the same mistake. Thursday he once again confronts Liv.

He also meets little Emily Scout for the first time. He assures her that if she ever needs anything, she can turn to her Uncle Sonny.

Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) acknowledges her mistake in believing Sonny was guilty to Curtis (Donnell Turner).

Struggling for Sobriety

Finn (Michael Easton) is a proud man used to relying on himself. This poses a problem for many who try to get sober. It can be deeply troubling to admit you’re sick and need help, especially when society places such stigma on addiction. So, instead of getting professional help, Finn’s decided to drink his way through horrific opiate withdrawal. He pushed Tracy away, and her harsh ways made it only easier for him to do so. Hayden (Rebecca Budig) finally gets to her beau in need and shoves him in a the shower. He holds on to her for dear life.

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