General Hospital Spoilers, Monday, March 13th: From Bad to Worse in Port Charles

Liv is nowhere near finished in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Monday, March 13th, portend that just when things looked like they’d be reaching their climax in several storylines, more drama comes to the fore.

This or That–Your Choice

It seems Sister Dearest, Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker), is never down for the count, perhaps this is one reason she was able to come back from the dead more ferocious then ever. Monday, she compels her beleaguered brother to make an impossible choice. “What the hell have you done, Olivia,” Julian (Will deVry) demands to know as Liv grins her usual, eerily placid grin, one of the hallmarks of a psychotic.

It Wasn’t Me

Meanwhile, another Jerome sister, who looks less fearsome now that Liv is back in town, Ava (Maura West), tells Carly (Laura Wright) that “they” have proof it was someone else, not her, that planted the bomb that killed Morgan. This gives Carly more furious incentive to exact retribution upon whomever she finds that someone else is.

Dante the Diffuser

As Jason (Billy Miller) waits on the pressure sensitive time bomb, his time is running out. And the bomb squad sure took their time getting there, it seemed like, but perhaps that was because we felt so anxious as viewers to see that Jason was saved. Luckily, Curtis (Donnell Turner) stood by his friend’s side in an act of bravery and loyalty the likes of which we have’t seen in a long time. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), meanwhile pitches in Monday to help diffuse the situation at the hospital

Just Forget About Me

A dejected, defeated Finn (Michael Easton) asks Hayden (Rebecca Budig) why she’s bothering with a lost cause like him. Perhaps it’s love, we say. Hayden cares for Finn, and she wants to see him beat his disease.

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