General Hospital Sneak Peek: Will Lucy Expose Ava?

When was the last time you saw Lucy as serious as in this General Hospital teaser video?

A tantalizing General Hospital teaser video shows that Lucy is this close to telling Sonny and Carly everything she knows.

Not So Fast

This week, Carly (Laura Wright) visits Sonny (Maurice Benard) at his place to continue the heated conversation he cut short outside Perks Coffee last week, according to a video posted to GH’s official website.

Just as they’re about to start arguing, discussing, etc. again, Max (Drew Cheetwood) calls. Sonny is annoyed, but Max says it’s Lucy (Lynn Herring), and it’s important, according to her.

Hey, There!

Sonny opens the door to find a dour-faced Lucy standing there stiff and clutching her purse tight. He asks her to come on in and says that he knows whatever she has to say is important.

Lucy says it is important, yes. She has been holding it in for too long and can’t continue to do so anymore.

Who Are You, Lucy?

The most striking thing about this teaser is that Lucy doesn’t seem like…well, Lucy!

Or perhaps, “where are you?” is the more pertinent question. Instead of flighty, rambling, energetic Lucy flitting about physically and conversationally, she is a serious, straight-to-the-point, almost somber Lucy.

Will she finally tell all she knows about Ava’s (Maura West) involvement in Morgan’s pre-explosion downward spiral? How will she explain the fact that she kept the knowledge to herself for so long? What will Carly and Sonny do to Ava–and to her–in response? What will Kiki (Hayley Erin) do when she finds out what Ava did?

Sorry, Lucy, but keeping mum was a bad decision! What was she thinking??! This is going to be a week of staggering drama on GH, no doubt. So stay tuned!

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