General Hospital Recap, February 27th-March 3rd: Rescues, Confessions, and Curses


By Joann Hernandez Skutches

Liv, Jason, Nelle, and Curtis are right in the thick of the action in the General Hospital recap.

The Proof Is In the Confessions

Carly (Laura Wright) agree to move in with Sonny (Maurice Bernard) and also to renew their vows. Nelle (Chloe Lanier) was relieved when she was able retrieve the flash drive she mailed to Carly. Bobby (Jacklyn Zeman) tells Carly that, according to Felicia (Kristina Wagner), Nelle told her girlfriend in Atlanta that she was sleeping with her boss’ husband. Carly was confident that wasn’t true. She was disappointed in her mother. She went to find answers from Nelle and looked for at her apartment, she started searching and found the audio recording of Sonny confessing to his indiscretion with Nelle.

Rescue Me…and Baby!

Sam (Kelly Monaco) was at the bottom of the ravine, going into labor and begging the baby to stay inside until they got help. Jason (Billy Miller) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) figured out she was kidnapped by Olivia (Tonja Walker). Jason guessed that by a picture in her phone, he knew where she was. He rushed to find her and tells Alexis to contact Jordan in the meantime. He said while Curtis (Donnell Turner) would verify everything.

Jason arrived in time to delivers his newborn daughter at the bottom of the ravine The baby wasn’t breathing, Sam passed out, and was then fighting for her life.

Finally an ambulance arrives and take them to GH. At the hospital doctors and nurses took Sam and the baby to for a check-up. Jason tried to go with Sam, but Franco restrained him so that the doctors could tend to Sam.

Robin (Kimberly McCullough) broke up the scuffle. Liz (Rebecca Herbst) sent Franco to her place to watch the boys. He told Danny that Sam had the baby girl. Jake asked why didn’t his dad call him to tell him. Franco explained that he still there were complication. Jake makes an evil remark to Franco about how Helena cursed Sam and her children.

General Hospital for Sale?

Tracy’s (Jane Elliott) plan went bad when Laura (Genie Francis) didn’t show up for her vote, as she was given something to knock her out by Rudge. Orbrecht broke the board’s tie, voting to sell. Liv was delighted that the vote went her way.

Meanwhile, Finn (Michael Easton) apologized to Hayden (Rebecca Budig) for not being honest with her about his addiction. He was so moved by how upset she was over the board’s vote, that he sold the patent to his Blackwood Syndrome’s cure and used the huge profits to save the hospital.

Later, Tracy took Hayden and Finn to celebrate. Finn explained how he maneuvered the pharmaceutical company to make a cheaper version for third-world countries. Hayden finally told Tracy about Finn’s addiction, so the women confront fin about his addiction.


A confused Laura (Genie Francis) wakes up at JKF airport. Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) tracked her down. They both realized she must have been drugged, but can’t understand why. She asked what happened at the hospital, and he assured her that the hospital is safe. But he promised to help her get to the bottom of her mysterious kidnapping.

Back to Work

Elizabeth got a call from Monica (Leslie Charleston) with the good news. Liz and Franco (Roger Howarth) headed to the hospital, only to find out that he was still without a job. He applied for work as a parking attendant at the hospital, just to stay close to Liz.

The Show Down

Sonny found Carly at Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier). She revealed that she knows the truth. As Sonny tried to explain, he realized that Nelle set him up. As Carly tried to leave, she found Nelle and Michael (Chad Duell) at the door. She announced that Nelle and Sonny were having an affair. Michael was doubtful until he heard Sonny’s confession. Michael asked Nelle if she could explain why. Nelle is composed as she explained everything. Carly called her a piece of trash. Nelle hisses that if she’s trash, it’s because of Carly! She said she wanted to punish Carly for leaving the Bensons only to get in touch when Joss needed a kidney. Carly was confused, as she didn’t get in touch for Joss.

Cat and Mouse Game

Liv went nuts when she finds out she lost the bid for the hospital. Liv got a call from Alexis, unaware that she’s working with Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and Curtis (Donnell Turner), but hung up on her when she realizes the Alexis knows who she is. Liv let Julian (Will deVry) know that his time was running out!

Meanwhile, Jordan, Alexis, and Curtis bust into the hotel room only to realize that Liv’s already gone. They realize that Julian was also there. Alexis is horrified.

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