Days of Our Lives Spoilers, Tuesday, March 28th: Jade In the Hospital in Dire Condition

Joey and Jade have even more drama coming up in the Days of Our Lives spoilers.

The Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, March 28th, predict that Jade has another health crisis.

Make the Pain Go Away

As we know, Jade (Gabrielle Haugh) has been through a lot in life, and she has a lot of sources of pain in her life even now, such as her father, her relationship with Joey (James Lastovic). Tuesday she looks to dull the emotional ache by downing some of her pain meds. It doesn’t go well, and she’s rushed to the hospital.

More Meds News

The Days spoilers for Tuesday also tease that Chad (Billy Flynn) “gives Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) a taste of his own medicine.” Hmmm…does that mean Deimos will be tied to a char in a remote location somewhere? Tune in to find out!

Steve Has a Talk With Tripp

It’s often a challenge to figure out what you and a person in your life mean to each other. Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Tripp (Lucas Adams) took an important step in that direction in relation to each other Monday when they submitted to a DNA test. Tuesday, Steve has news for his…well, whoever Tripp is to him!

Give Your Momma a Break!

Abe (James Reynolds) tries to get Eli (Lamon Archey) to see where Valerie (Vanessa Williams) was coming from in the way she dealt with the truth about his paternity, not to mention his whole family in Salem. Eli’s been pretty angry about this, so let’s hope Abe can get through to him and help him see Valerie was doing what she thought best, however misguided she was.

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  1. Can we PLEASE get rid of these boring teenagers? There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING INTERESTING about them…ANY of them! Between the awful storylines and the worse acting, I have to FF a good portion of the show. I’m sick of it.

    I am fairly new to DOOL…maybe 5 years not…so it would be very easy for me to just quit watching.

    However, I’ve tried to be a supporter of all the soaps, so I hate to give up on a show.
    If only Days would get on a more reasonable taping schedule (NOT 6 months in advance), maybe we wouldn’t have to suffer through the really bad storylines/casting choices for so long. Other soaps can get rid of a crap-story in a month when they realize it ain’t working!

  2. Akbi Khan

    Yes, the 6 month taping thing needs to ago, I agree. I think the teens could be made less boring.

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