Days of Our Lives Recap, March 13th-17th: Lani Helped Abe, Kate Was Jealous, Eric Came Home

The Days of our Lives recap recalls that Lani, Kate, and Eric all had some serious drama this week.

Hi, it’s Maureen, The Sage of Salem, again! And here’s my take on last week in Salem!

The Days of Our Lives recap for the week of March 13th through 17th recalls that Nicole sought to leave the country with Holly, Eric reacclimatized to life in Salem, and Ciara had major drama with Claire and Theo.

Deimos Has a Diva Moment

A horrified Nicole (Arianne Zucker) couldn’t believe that Deimos (Vincent Irizarry) had found her.  He had the means to help her disappear, but Nicole blamed him for losing Holly and didn’t trust him, only Brady (Eric Martsolf). Deimos expressed anger towards Brady for not sharing her whereabouts and trying to play the hero.  Nicole’s attitude towards him shocked Deimos, and he attributed it to Brady and Nicole being in love again.  Oblivious to his evil ways, Deimos believed that he still had a chance with Nicole and she was not lost to him forever. He also made it clear that If she did leave with Brady, he would no longer protect her. Nicole and Brady were willing to take that chance. Deimos went into a tailspin and tore up the seedy hotel room. Hopefully, at least paid for the damages!

Just before their great escape, Holly became ill, so Brady, Nicole, and the baby detoured for a quick visit with Dr. Lee.  With subtle threats from Brady, a reluctant Dr. Lee examined Holly. After his diagnosis of Holly, he exited the room and placed a call to Eduardo (A. Martinez) and a grieving Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin).  Can Brady get Nicole and Holly to Canada before Deimos, Chloe, Eduardo or the authorities catch up with them?

Home Is Where Eric’s Heart Is

Eric (Greg Vaughn) was going home and agreed to take the job at the Horton Center. Roman (Josh Taylor) was happy about his son’s sudden change of heart but suspected that Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), just might be the reason why.  Later, Eric sealed the deal with Jennifer and planted a big kiss on her waiting lips.  Was this the beginning of a sober love affair, because neither has had any intimacy for quite some time, wouldn’t you agree?

Welcome, Eli–But Not Valerie

The Horton family gathered to welcome their newest family member Eli (Lamon Archey) to the Horton clan. As they reminisced and exchanged family stories, a troubled Valerie was not on the invite list.  Weeping, Valerie (Vanessa Williams) turned to Abe (James Reynolds) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) for support. Will Eli ever forgive her?

Today, I Am a Man

Back at the Salem PD, JJ (Casey Moss) got an unexpected visit from a disapproving father.  Abe (James Reynolds) explained to JJ that personally he had nothing against him but didn’t approve of him dating his daughter, Lani (Sal Stowers).  To our surprise, JJ stood his ground stating that he would continue to date Lani, and would prove Abe wrong!  Remember, he didn’t approve of Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) and Theo’s (Kyler Pettis) relationship either.  Mayor Carver, take up a hobby and stop meddling in your children’s lives!

No Stories? She’ll Make Mine!

Obviously, reporter Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) doesn’t have much to do at the newspaper these days.  She’s never there! After overhearing a conversation between Chad (Billy Flynn) and Gabi (Camila Banus), a suspicious Jennifer confronted Chad about his feelings for Gabi. Chad (Billy Flynn) didn’t deny his feelings but explained to Jennifer that he was committed to his marriage to Abigail (Marci Miller) and son Thomas.  Jennifer warned Chad to tell Abigail about his feelings for Gabi because if her daughter gets hurt, she will come after him. I guess bullying is her new forte.

Claire and Theo Almost Go All the Way

An upset Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) sought advice from Grandma Marlena about Ciara’s feelings for Theo (Kyler Pettis).  Totally twisting Marlena’s words to suit herself, she decided to take her relationship with Theo to the next level.  Back at the loft, a determined Claire planned on winning Theo’s heart by getting intimate. Theo thought they should wait, but she persuaded him otherwise and sent him off to the local pharmacy for some protection.  Still torn, Ciara spoke to Grandma Julie (Susan Seaforth-Hayes) and agreed that writing Theo a letter would be best. Upon Theo’s return, Claire had already prepared a romantic setting and they began making out immediately. An unsuspecting Ciara headed back to the loft to drop of Theo’s letter. Will she arrive in time to interrupt the two love birds, or will she be too late?

I Love Her, I love Him

Back at Club TBD Dario (Jordi Vilasuso) and Gabi discussed their feelings for Chad and Abigail. At the mansion, Abigail was concerned about Chad’s plan and starting a new war with Deimos over the stolen Kiriakis artifacts.  Sonny (Freddie Smith), on the other hand, arrived at the Dimera mansion, delighted about Chad’s latest move on Deimos. He expressed to Chad and Abigail that it’s time for the younger generations to start a new era.  Unfortunately, Sonny has ulterior motives. Watch out, Chad, looks like you might be bait!  Sonny shared his plan with Paul, who was surprised by Sonny’s new behavior and couldn’t believe he would put his best friend at risk. Is Sonny the new Tony Montana of daytime? Or will Chad destroy the Kiriakis family empire first?  It’s a race to the throne, guys!

Victor (John Aniston) patiently awaited Deimos’ return to the Kiriakis mansion to discuss his latest screw up.  Victor enlightened Deimos about Chad’s recent victory with the Kiriakis Artifacts and the middle man who betrayed him.  Deimos put his plans for Nicole on hold, as he plotted to destroy Chad Dimera. Chad, a word of advice: hire extra security; your loved ones including Gabi are in need of protection.  In order to make up for his mishaps, Deimos’ henchman shared some interesting information about Chad and Gabi’s freezer pillow talk session while being held, hostage. Can Deimos use this information to help destroy his opponent?

Some R and R

As Adrienne (Judi Evans) awaited the results of her latest chemo session, Kate (Lauren Koslow), Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), and Justin (Wally Kurth) put together a spa day at home for her.  As Adrienne and Justin shared a passing memory, Lucas felt totally out of the loop. Before departing, Lucas promised to come back with a candlelight dinner.  Who will get there first? I believe Justin is ahead in the race for Adrienne’s heart.  Will Lucas give up and move on with wild and crazy Anne Milbauer (Meredith Scott Lynn)?

The Hospital–STAT!

Marlena (Deidre Hall) persuaded Eric (Greg Vaughn) to meet her at the hospital. When Eric arrived, he realizes it’s to help out a drunk driver at the hospital who is awaiting news of the fate of his victim. Clever move, Dr. Marlena!

A Grandfather’s Wisdom

Concerned for his grandson, Victor told Brady he knows he was hurt by Theresa but not to be foolish and get involved with Nicole again.  Stealing baby Holly was a big mistake on Nicole’s part.  Maggie walked in and knew that Brady and Victor were hiding something from her. All she wanted is for Nicole to return home with Holly. Why? Did she forget that Chloe was planning to leave town with Holly too?

Don’t Touch My Man, Chloe

Kate (Lauren Koslow) bumped into Eduardo and Chloe hugging in the Square.  Chloe insisted that it was not what Kate thought, but Kate didn’t buy it and laid into her and Eduardo. Kate revisited the past and tells Eduardo about a similar experience she had with her baby.  An empathetic Eduardo understood, but when given an ultimatum, chose to continue helping Chloe.  Kate, I believe you pushed him away too many times, and Chloe is on the prowl.

Psst…Eric has been secretly writing letters to Nicole and hiding them in a brown box.  Therapy…or something else?

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