Chad Duell Hopes to Be on GH for a Long Time to Come

GH’s Chad Duell won an Emmy for his role as Mchael, and hopes to continue his impressive work on the show.

Chad Duell and his on-screen alter-ego have evolved a great deal since Duell joined the show. The actor hopes this will continue.

More in the Works

“This show has been such a huge part of my life, such a huge part of my growth as a human being…I’d like to be there for as long as I can,” Duell told Soap Opera Digest in its latest print edition.

Though he conceded that Michael has gone through lots of breakups, loved ones’ deaths, and more, he hopes the Corinthos son will get a meaty storyline of his own soon to sink his teeth into.

“I would like to have a more fully Michael-driven storyline, something that I could kind of carry,” Duell said.

As Michael’s Grown, So Has Chad

Duell noted that the soapy ups and downs of Michael’s life paralleled his own in one important way, both Michael and he have grown and changed for the better during them.

“I’ve just grown so much being a part of this show, in a lot of ways, and that experience has made me a better version of me,” the actor said.

An Actor’s Watershed Moment

Upon getting the role of Michael Corinthos, III, Duell noted he was a ball of nerves during his early days with the show. The scene in which he confessed, in court, to killing Claudia Zacchara was a decisive one for him. He began to gain more confidence as an actor and a person after it.

“It was kind of a breakthrough moment for me, because I had a lot of dialogue, and I was able to get it in one take and do well with it,” Duell noted. Many costars in the audience applauded for Duell upon his completion of that scene.

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