Bold and the Beautiful Recap, February 27th-March 3rd: Big Plans, Spy Games, and Suspicions

Steffy, Coco, Brooke, and Ridge were involved in some serious drama in the Bold and the Beautiful recap.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap looks back on impending weddings, secret relationships, fashion spies, and more.

By Joann Hernandez Skutches

Forrester Creations

Steffy (Jacquline MacInnes Wood) and Liam (Scott Clifton) called the family together to announce their wedding destination: Australia. Steffy then suggested that she and Liam have a double ceremony with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge (Thorsen Kaye) . Ridge didn’t seem to like the idea, while Brooke loved it. Ridge preferred it just be them alone.

Meanwhile, Coco (Courtney Grosbeck) met with Thomas (Pierson Fode) and RJ (Anthony Trupel) about interning at Forrester Creations (FC). Her experience and professionalism impressed them, and they felt she would be a good fit, in spite of her being a Spectra.

Later, Nicole (Reign Edwards) and Zende (Rome Flynn) returned from their honeymoon with funny photos of their adventurers.

Rick (Jacob Young) got extremely upset when he learned that the newest FC intern is a Spectra. Thomas and RJ convinced Rick of the experience and professionalism that impressed them both, and they heartily endorsed Coco.

The Next Day

A suspicious Charlie (Dick Christie) kept a watchful eye on Ridge and Quinn (Rena Sofer) and their interaction during a meeting. As they left, Pam (Alley Mills) questioned Charlie about his odd behavior. Charlie said he suspected that Ridge and Quinn could possibly be having an affair. In spite of all the evidence Charlie presented to her, Pam still didn’t believe that it could be true. She said that Quinn loves Eric (John McCook) and would never get involved with his son. Eric nearly learned about his wife’s infidelity, but Ridge and Quinn recovered in time.

Meanwhile, at the meeting Rick told everyone that international sales are up 15 percent, possibly due to the positive changes in Ridge and Quinn’s working relationship.

Later, Ridge and Quinn were in the office alone. They discussed how to best interact with each other in the future–with no more kissing. They agreed to keep it quiet but stay friends.

Sometime later they were working as Charles quietly spied on them.

Spectra Fashions

Sally (Courtney Hope) and the Spectra gang came up with a plan to maneuver their way into FC. Sally used her friendship with Thomas to get an interview for the internship at FC for her sister, Coco.

Sally saw how excited Coco was about the possibility of working in fashion. She was skeptical about using her sister as a spy, though. Shirley convinced her to stick to the plan.

Coco returned, filling everyone in about her meeting at FC. Sally still worried about using Coco as a spy. Shirley (Patrika Darbo) and Saul (Alex Wyse) reminded her that Spectra Fashion was in dire straits, and it was critical that they infiltrate FC.

Coco is doubtful about going along with their scheme. She wants to begin an honest career in the fashion industry.

Forrester Mansion

The family was there to celebrate Ridge and Brooke’s upcoming nuptials. Ridge and Quinn have trouble dealing with their feelings for each other. The conversation grows uncomfortable when Eric and Brooke question Ridge and Quinn about how they managed to turn their animosity into friendship after San Francisco.

Quinn excused herself to the kitchen. Ridge headed to the bathroom, where he found Quinn trying to regain her composure. Their closeness leads to another forbidden kiss between the two. They pulled themselves together, but as they go to leave, they realized that the door is stuck. Eric and Brooke wonder where Quinn and Ridge are, as do Charlie and Pam. They went looking for them, and they hear them in bathroom, and then Charlie was able to free them. Quinn made light of how they got trapped together. Charlie however became suspicious when he saw Quinn wiping lipstick off of Ridge’s mouth.

Spencer Publications

Brooke went to visit Bill (Don Diamont) to wish him a happy birthday, and saw her gift had arrived. She told him that she’ll never forget his birthday. He tells her that there was a point in his life when the Spencer Publications building was his greatest accomplishment, and it meant everything to me…until her.

Bill said the building was his legacy, not his life–not anymore. He reflected on everything that he had accomplished and achieved, thinking he had it all.

He wanted to give her something. As he takes off his sword necklace, he tells her that it represents him, his power. It is an extension of who he is, a reminder to never give up,  never give in, to fight the good fight and be the last man standing. It was a reminder to be the very best that he could be. Well, he said, he was at hi best when he was with Brooke. Bill then told her that without her, he won’t have achieved his highest goal. When he looks in the mirror it will remind him of the thing he loves the most in the world and can’t have.

Bill tells Brooke that this necklace has been his talisman, there’s power in it, and that’s why he wants her to have it. He hands it to her while telling her that he “will love her forever and a day” and kisses her hand that has the sword necklace in it. A tear falls down Brooke’s face.

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