Susan Lucci Gives Her Nod to an All My Children Reboot

Susan Lucci spoke on seeing her “All My Children” cast mates again last week.

Susan Lucci, The Queen of Daytime, had some captivating things to say about what it would be like to revive”All My Children.”

The Magic Continues

“I feel like if we did ‘All My Children’ again, it would all still be there,” Lucci told Michael Fairman of the special brilliance that was “All My Children” (AMC).

In the wake of the “All My Children” mini-reunion she hosted last Thursday on Hallmark’s “Home and Family,” Lucci spoke with Fairman on seeing her cast mates again. Though the event had been planned, of course, Lucci and her ex-cast mates all seemed moved to a point they hadn’t expected.

“We were in the trenches together for a long, long time. This was just spectacular to have this reunion,” Lucci said.

And spectacular it was. Yours truly was in tears right from the get-go, as the last “AMC” them song played at the outset of the show. The clips from past shows; the way the cast simply glowed when speaking of their time on the show and their love of daytime icon, Agnes Nixon; and of course the in-memoriam section honoring AMC actors no longer with us, all conspired to make a powerful 90 minutes.

It was a reminder, too, that that spark, that enchantment that Lucci and her cast mates created for 41 years on the air, still exists. It is just waiting to be tapped. We loved the Prospect Park reboot of AMC, AMC 2.0 as well, though Lucci wasn’t part of it.

The Late, Great Agnes Nixon and This Year’s Daytime Emmys

Much of the “Home and Family” AMC tribute episode last week revolved around the genius that was Agnes Nixon and her singular contributions to daytime.

Lucci will pay tribute to her at this year’s Daytime Emmys.

“Her work touched so many lives,” Lucci said.

What This Could Mean for an AMC Reboot

With all the buzz in the air about how a resurrection of “All My Children” would look, Lucci’s words provided a much-needed validation of the idea of it. If Erica Kane thinks it would work, it must be done!

Soap Cities has written before, and will continue to, on what fans can do to make sure our beloved AMC family returns.

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    I just wanted to take a second to not forget about where people can go to help make these rumors a reality. Over at the facebook page Save AMC & OLTL ( ) soap fans can find information about contacts that need to be reached in order to ensure that something gets done with our “All My Children” and “One Life to Live”.

    Because right now rumors are just rumors, and Susan Lucci was just busy running her mouth last week on Hallmark Channel.

    Soap fans must still be inclined to task because without this effort NOTHING will be accomplished!


    Remember: Save AMC & OLTL – is where you can find tasks that are designed to actually contact the powers that can give us AMC & OLTL back.

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