Soap Cities Spec: A Gay Storyline for a CBS Soap???

Which of CBS soap may have its first gay storyline coming up?

A blind item in Soap Opera Digest (SOD) has our soap fan minds churning, thinking about what might be in store for a CBS soap.

Stuff They Know, But Shouldn’t Tell Us

It can be torture to know something, but not be able to share it. So no wonder SOD sometimes runs blind items that hint at what may be coming up, without citing a specific source.

And, hey! That’s enough for us to speculate, right dear Soap Cities readers?

So, the SOD blind item in question goes like this: “Setsiders are whispering that this show is working on its first gay storyline.” You’ll find it in the soap mag’s latest print edition.

Now For the Spec

So, General Hospital has Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas (Ryan Carnes), and Days of Our Lives has Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Paul (Christopher Sean).

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) had a glossed-over gay storyline with Phillip Chancellor III. Soon after coming out to a select few, Phillip faked own his death and moved to Australia, rather than be open with everyone about his identity. So Y&R could be in the running. However, we have our eye on a certain other CBS daytime drama.

Fashion Without Gay Men–Really?

We are very pro-LGBTQ at Soap Cities, and we know some will fault us for saying the following, accusing us of playing into stereotypes. But it’s absurd that Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) centers on the fashion industry and there isn’t one gay male character in the cast. That’s not stereotyping, that’s just reality. Anyone who is involved in fashion can tell you that it is a field founded by and peopled largely by gay men. So in order to reflect this reality, perhaps B&B will finally take the important narrative step of having a gay man (or more than one!) on the story canvas. And yes, B&B has had a story about a trans-woman, which is wonderful and we commend them for, but that’s different.

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