Soap Cities Poll: Are You Team Chloe or Team Nicole on Days of Our Lives

Who should be Holly’s mom on Days of Our Lives?

A weeks-long build up came to a swift, shocking end on Days of Our Lives Monday, when the judge awarded Chloe custody of baby Holly.

Biology or History

Nicole (Arianne Zucker) provided the initial seed, all puns aside, for Holly to “germinate” inside Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin). Chloe then gave birth to her, raising her in the baby’s early days and months, arguably some of the most important in a person’s life. Those days and months are also a time when deep bonding between mother and child occurs. Of course, much of that bonding could be said to require the biological mother.

The Truth Comes Out on Days of Our Lives

Nicole was shattered by the judge’s decision.

At Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) urging, Chloe eventually told Nicole that Nicole and Daniel where Holly’s biological parents. Chloe was stunned, but more so elated, thinking she’d now have a chance to not only raise the child she’d always wanted, but have a little piece of Daniel in her life too.

This happy arrangement never came to be, as Chloe decided to sue for full custody of Holly. The two former best friends became bitter enemies.

How could Chloe keep Nicole’s biological daughter from her? And how could Nicole expect Chloe to give up a baby she had bonded with and fallen in love with?

On Monday, after a brief trial, a judge granted Chloe custody of Holly, absolutely devastating Nicole. The fight isn’t over. Nicole isn’t one to simply recede into the woodwork, no matter where Chloe goes to try to get away.

Pick a Team, Or Both

Now, Soap Cities (SC) readers what do you think? Do you think Nicole deserves Chloe because biology always trumps…well, anything else, and Nicole would surely be an excellent mother to Holly? Or do you think Chloe would be a great mother to the baby too, and she wouldn’t come with Devious Deimos as a package deal. Granted, Nicole has given Deimos the boot, but he likely won’t accept this.

From a story perspective, also, Nicole getting custody of Holly could be the kiss of death, as conflict, not happiness, is the basis for storytelling.

So either you think there’s many factors to consider, or only one important one? Which team are you on, SC readers, Team Nicole or Team Chloe? Vote in the comment section!

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  1. So, I’m 7-8 weeks behind on watching Days, but I don’t think I need to have been watching to weigh in on this one…

    Chloe has NO right to that baby!
    She is NOT the mother, biologically!
    She ILLEGALLY impregnated herself with the embryo!
    She has LIED to everyone from the beginning!
    There is NO judge on earth that would give the child to Chloe under these circumstances!

    Needless to say, I am SO anti-Chloe.
    I am Team Nicole! Nic deserves to have this child, no matter what the circumstances!

  2. I completely understand Chloe’s concerns, but Nicole deserves her baby.
    And SallyZ, you’ll understand when you catch up, but Chloe didn’t impregnate herself illegally.

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