General Hospital Spoilers, Wednesday, February 22: Time for Ava to Start Praying

Ava has nowhere to turn…or does she?–in the General Hospital spoilers.

The General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, February 22nd predict Ava is reaching the end of her tether, while her brother learns that our actions always have reactions.

Can’t Help But Caring

Poor, Ava (Maura West). She’s facing a life behind bars again. Only this time, she actually didn’t kill anyone. Well, sort of. She did switch out Morgan’s lithium for sugar pills, causing him to go off the rails, causing…well, you know the rest. Anyhow, no one seems to believe her–except Scotty (Kin Shriner), who knows the truth. And Julian (Will deVry) has yet to come forward and say that it’s Liv (Tonja Walker) the cops want. All of this makes Ava desperate–maybe even desperate enough to confess everything–yes, everything–she knows about Morgan’s last days!


For Every Action…

…there is an equal and opposite reaction. So goes Newton’s Third Law. However, in the case of Port Charles mobsters, the reactions may not always be equal. For example, Julian took a dangerous step when he tried to poison Liv in his attempt to rid himself of her. She said she was going to let him live until the business with the hospital is concluded. Meanwhile, she insinuated herself into a blissfully unaware Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) life Tuesday. Will Julian be able to intervene in time to save Sam from Liv’s evil plot?

They’re On a Mountain, Maybe That’s Why Nelle’s Up and Down

Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and Michael (Chad Duell) were about to share a very intimate moment Tuesday. However, Wednesday she screams at Michael that she has other things to concentrate on that don’t involve puppy love with a trust fund kid.

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